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AnadoluJet was established by Turkish Airlines on April 23, 2008 as a separate trademark in order to provide more affordable tickets to a wider segment of the market. AnadoluJet has continued to grow annually. In large countries such as Turkey, road and rail transport are quite time-consuming. AnadoluJet’s objective is to offer people living in Anatolia a chance to fly when traveling between cities, thereby enabling passengers to save considerable amounts of time. Based in Ankara, the company contributes not only to domestic tourism, but also to the reinforcement of routes throughout Anatolia. AnadoluJet operates flights to 38 countries from its headquarters in Ankara, the country’s capital. In addition to domestic flights, AnadoluJet operates flights to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. You can see the schedule of domestic and international AnadoluJet flights online with's ticket search module.

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General Evaluation 3/5
Price/Performance 2/5
Departure time 3/5
Quality of Service 3/5

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Anonymous user

Airport and city centers are calculated at the cost of arriving expensive .... discount required

Anonymous user

Prices expensive discount sart family to go to the price of diosis gorunce sitting in my place will not be such a price insinda do you work in our business I hope you are pleased to be announced to the concerned ???

Anonymous user

The quality is good. Prices should go down a bit

hilmi şimşek

I think it is quite satisfactory both fiat and flight quality


prices are too expensive


Canakkale ticketed prices are very high. We are already transferring.Pahalıya cost.

Anonymous user

Very expensive need a little bit

Anonymous user

Download the ticket too expensive yaaa now


Prices should be slightly cheaper

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Date of establishment: 23/04/2008

Number of airplane: 37 plane

Flight points: 69 points