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Handling nearly 160 million passengers every year, Delta Airlines is an American airline company that was founded in Atlanta in 1929. The airlines’ headquarters and largest hub is located in Atlanta Airport. Delta Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines with around 5,200 flights daily. Delta Airlines flies to 325 destinations in 60 countries worldwide and employs 80,000 people. The airline was a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance. Delta Airlines continues to expand its flight network and improve its service quality. Delta Airline operates flights to major cities around the world, including Atlanta, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo London, and Honolulu. You can use wingie.com to find the best fares on Delta Airlines flights. For the best Delta Airlines fares please use wingie.com’s ticket search module. 

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Price/Performance 5/5
Departure time 5/5
Quality of Service 5/5

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IATA code: DL

Date of establishment: 05/30/1924

Number of airplane: 809 plane

Flight points: 326 points