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Based in Germany, Lufthansa is the largest airline in Europe and fourth-largest airline in the world. Well-respected globally, Lufthansa flies to more than 400 destinations around the globe together with its partners. A Star Alliance member since 1997, Lufthansa operates about 1,886 flights a day. The airline flies an average of 75 million passengers to 82 countries a year. Lufthansa AG, which also owns Swiss International Airlines and Austrian Airlines, has its corporate base in Cologne, Germany. Lufthansa is one of the most popular European airline companies. Lufthansa operates flights to cities all around the world including Amsterdam, Berlin, Basel, Budapest, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Florence, and Hong Kong. Lufthansa flies to major cities in the United States including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Huston and Los Angeles. Lufthansa operates flights to various destinations in the UK, including Edinburg, Bristol, Glasgow and London. You can find more detailed information on Lufthansa routes and fares on wingie.com. 

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General Evaluation 3/5 4
Price/Performance 4/5
Departure time 3/5
Quality of Service 2/5

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Anonymous user

eh işte


The price is amazing! The food, the service of the cabin staff and especially the departure time is awful! I may not choose again.

Mustafa Yılmaz

Although Lufthansa is not very good in terms of price, it is very successful in terms of hours and quality. I usually prefer.

Elif Özer Bahadır

The price is good, but neither the departure time is correct nor the service they offer in the past is high quality ... I can clearly say that I am not satisfied. I wish Lufthansa to take the example of the service available from other European airlines.

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IATA code: LH

Date of establishment: 01/06/1953

Number of airplane: 293 plane

Flight points: 200 points