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Belgorod Intl. Airport

Transportation to Aldan Airport from the City Center

You can use a taxi for travelling to Aldan Airport, which is located only 1 km of Aldan city center, within the shortest time. Another option is renting a car in the city center. Travelling to Aldan Airport from the city center lasts about 5 minutes whichever option you choose.


Since Aldan is one of the cities having the smallest surface area in Russia, the most commonly preferred transportation vehicle used in urban transportation is taxi. If you are looking for the most practical and fastest method for reaching Aldan Airport from the city center, taxi is the right choice for you. It is possible to reach Aldan Airport from the city center in about 4-5 minutes by taxi.

Car Rental

You can get to Aldan Airport in about 5 minutes by renting a car in the city center. Since the distance between the airport and city center is short, renting a car is not a practical option. However, if you don’t want to use the means of public transportation during your travel, you can rent a car and use it during your holiday. You can rent your car in a short time with your international driver’s license and preservation. After renting your car, you can take the road to the airport.

Airport Information

Aldan Airport, which is one of the regional airports of Russia offering civil aviation service, is located 1 kilometer of Aldan city center. At Aldan Airport, which is located 450 km away from Yakutsk, there are many services such as car rental companies, eating and drinking places and various stores.

Last Updated: 18 Sep 2017

Transportation to Belgorod City Center from Airport

Located in the center of Moscow-Ukraine border, Belgorod city has a very extensive and developed transportation network. In Belgorod, the large part of the transportation from the airport to the city center is provided through bus, minibus, marshrutka, trolleybus, suburban train and taxi.

It is very useful and convenient to benefit from public transportation in the city, also known as Belgorodskaya. The public transportation between the airport and the city center is extremely modern and affordable in Belgorod having a quite cheap and comfortable urban transportation.

It is very convenient and cheap to travel by means of public transportation because Belgorod Airport is located in the northern part of Belgorod and very close to the city center.


It is possible to travel from Belgorod Airport to the city center in 10-15 minutes by suburban trains that provide transportation services all over Belgorod, which has a highly developed railway network. It is much easier to reach the airport directly from this train station because there are minibuses, trolleybuses, shuttles and local buses departing from the train station to Belgorod Airport.


There are two types of city buses as electric and normal buses in Belgorod that provide transportation to almost every point of the city. The electric buses provide trolleybus-style and faster transportation. You can reach the city center in about 5-10 minutes by bus at the exit of Belgorod Airport terminal building. The bus is at the top of the most popular public transportation vehicles in Belgorod where you can see more public transportation vehicles compared to private cars. You can reach the city center from Belgorod Airport in a short time by taking bus number 7.


At the exit of Belgorod Airport terminal, there are bus, minibus and marshrutka stops as well as trolleybus stops. The trolleybus number 1 has Kinoteatr Pobeda-Meya GRINN route and takes you to Belgorod city center in 10 minutes. You need to pay about 14 rubles if you want to take advantage of this service.


You can go wherever you want in Belgorod city at an affordable price by taking a taxi at the exit of Belgorod Airport terminal building. In addition to this, you can bargain with the taxi driver and travel at a more affordable price.

Rent a car

Renting your car from local and international car rental companies located at the terminal building of Belgorod Airport is likely to take you to the city center in 10-15 minutes. You can rent a car upon your arrival at the airport or you can make your reservation before arriving.

Last Updated: 02 Jan 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Aldan-Belgorod flights?

When you search for Aldan-Belgorod flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Aldan-Belgorod flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

Which airports can I use for Aldan-Belgorod flights?

For Aldan-Belgorod flights, you can use Aldan Airport as departure airport, and Belgorod Intl. Airport for arrival.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Aldan-Belgorod and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Aldan-Belgorod is 5360 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 6 hour 40 minutes.

Which day is the most convenient for Aldan-Belgorod flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Aldan-Belgorod flights is Monday.

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