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Transportation to Bitburg Airport from the City Center

There is an airport located about 3 km from Bitburg but there are no scheduled flights operated from this airport. To travel from Bitburg to other parts of the country or different cities around the world, people use Frankfurt Airport, which is one of the biggest international airports in the country.

Frankfurt Airport is located close to 3 hours away from Bitburg city center. You can get to the airport from Bitburg by train, taxi, airport shuttle services, or rental car. Another, more elite transportation alternative to get to the airport would be to rent a limousine.


Getting to Frankfurt Airport by train from Bitburg city center is both an easy transportation alternative as well as an affordable one. Taking the train to get from Bitburg to Frankfurt Airport is among the most common modes of transportation. The train from Bitburg to the airport takes about 3-4 hours. If your location in the city is a little far from the train station you can always take a taxi to the station. Train tickets can be purchased at the station. Once you arrive at the airport you can easily find your way to the terminal by following the signposts.


Taking a taxi to Frankfurt Airport from Bitburg is not the most economical transportation alternative considering the distance between both cities. However, taxis are a practical option for those who are in a hurry to catch their flight because they are the fastest alternative to get to the airport. It usually takes about 2.5 hours to get to Frankfurt Airport from Bitburg by taxi. That total time can vary depending on traffic conditions. You can get more detailed information about taxi fares in the city center. You can also try to negotiate with the driver and agree on a fixed fare to the airport.

Rental Car

There aren’t many options when it comes to rental cars in Bitburg. Nevertheless, there are some rental car companies nearby that you can rent a vehicle from to get to the airport. The drive to Frankfurt Airport from Bitburg takes almost 3 hours. Once you rent a vehicle follow the directions to Frankfurt. When you arrive in Frankfurt city center follow the signposts to the airport. If you aren’t familiar with the area and the roads we recommend getting a GPS device to help navigate your way.

Airport Shuttle Services

Another transportation alternative to get to Frankfurt Airport from Bitburg is by using an airport shuttle service. These services pick up passengers from their location in the city and provide transportation to the airport. The vehicle type and passenger capacity for such services depend on the total number of passengers traveling. If you want to get to Frankfurt Airport by shuttle service you must make a reservation in advance either by phone or on the internet.

Shared Ride

Another economical transportation alternative to get to Frankfurt Airport from Bitburg, which is one of the smallest cities in the country, is by shared ride services. If there are other passengers in the city going to Frankfurt Airport shared ride services enables you to travel in the same vehicle and split the fare. This way you can travel to Frankfurt Airport from Bitburg in a fast, convenient, and affordable way.

Limousine Rental

If you want to enjoy a privileged ride to the airport then consider renting a limousine. Taking a limousine to the airport is a comfortable and elite experience. Limousine rental services are a popular choice among newlyweds and business travelers. Renting a limousine to the airport is the most costly yet most comfortable transportation alternative. You can contact limousine rental companies by phone or make a reservation online. Limousine rental services to the airport provide door-to-door transportation. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Frankfurt Airport from Bitburg by limousine but this can vary depending on the traffic conditions.

Airport Information

Visitors traveling to the city of Bitburg use Frankfurt International Airport, which is one of the largest airports in Europe and the entire world. Frankfurt Airport offers passengers a variety of services including areas for shopping, eating, and relaxing. There are a rich selection of restaurants and cafes that offer German dishes and international cuisine. Passengers can go shopping for electronic devices and souvenirs at stores like Fotec, Capi and Tripidi. You will find Italian, American, and French delicacies at venues like Italissimo, Deli Bros and Caviar House. These restaurants offer endless alternatives including delicious pasta and wine.

You can enjoy a comfortable environment and relax before or after your flight in one of the passenger lounges located at Frankfurt Airport. These lounges offer passengers a variety of food and beverage alternatives. If you want to rent a car to explore the city and its surroundings then you can do so at one of the many rental car offices located at the airport. The airport contains a parking lot that offers short-term and long-term parking options. The parking lot offers membership benefits such as discounted rates for passengers who travel on a regular basis.

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Bitburg-Braunschweig/Wolfsburg flights?

When you search for Bitburg-Braunschweig/Wolfsburg flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Bitburg-Braunschweig/Wolfsburg flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Bitburg-Braunschweig/Wolfsburg and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Bitburg-Braunschweig/Wolfsburg is 383 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 1 hour 10 minutes.

Which day is the most convenient for Bitburg-Braunschweig/Wolfsburg flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Bitburg-Braunschweig/Wolfsburg flights is Monday.

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