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Kadhdhoo Airport

Transportation to Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn) Airport from the City Center

You can easily reach the Cologne Airport from the city center by choosing an option that suits you most such as taking a taxi, renting a car as well as the public transportation vehicles. There are different transportation options in the city center, which is 15 kilometers far from the airport.


The fastest transportation option for you to reach the Cologne Airport from the city center of Cologne is taking a taxi. You can quickly and comfortably travel to the airport by taxi that you can take from every corner in the city. Using a taxi, which charge you per kilometer, will not be a burden on your economy because of the short distance.


You can easily get to the airport from many points of the city by taking a train, which is one of the public transportation vehicles. Using a train is an economic way to travel and you can take a train on a frequent time basis.


Buses, which are other way of public transportation, can be an economic option for you budget. You can also take a bus from every corner in the city for an affordable price to get to the Cologne Airport easily.


Another alternative for you to reach the airport is using the shuttle service of the hotel you are staying. You can quickly get to the airport by using the private shuttle service of the hotel.


You can reach the airport with your bicycle thanks to the bicycle parking areas that Cologne Airport has, where bicyclist are not ignored. You can choose to travel to Cologne Airport with your bicycle, which is very suitable for cycling with its bicycle routes and landscaping.


Another transportation option that you can choose for your travel is car-sharing system. Before you get on the vehicle that is prepared for you, you just need to pay the necessary fee and travel with the vehicle wherever you want. It is enough for you to leave the car where you arrive at the airport. You can get this service from Car2go and Drivenow companies in the city center.

Car Rental

Renting a car is another option for travel that you can choose. You can quickly and comfortably reach the Cologne Airport with the car that you rent from the car rental companies in the city center. It is enough for you to leave the car at the stand of the company when you arrive at the airport.

The car rental companies that you can choose are Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt.  

Airport Information

The Cologne Airport, which is the seventh busiest airport of Germany, is located just 15 kilometers far from the city of Cologne. The airport is equipped with the latest technology and it has many facilities such as lounges, health services, hotel reservation desks, as well as eating-drinking and shopping places.

In addition to all these, ReiseBank, Automatic Cash Dispenser bank branches and ATMs provide services for passengers who want to make money transactions at the airport. Among the places where you can taste different flovors before and after your flight in eating and drinking, there are Burger King, Cafeterio, Die Ess-Bahn, Kamps Bakery, Maredo, McDonald’s, Rendezvous-Pianobar, Starbucks, Wöllhaf Conferenze Center, B Bar, Sion Bar, Snackbar Red, Snackbar Yellow and Subway.

Among the different shopping stores at the airport; you can visit Esprit, Glamaour, Haribo, Kirschner, Marc O’polo, Phoneoffice, Pro-Idee, Rewe, Sunglasses, SQR, Tobac & Co and Heinemann Duty Free.

Last Updated: 08 Nov 2016

Transportation to Kadhdhoo Island City Center from Airport

To get to Kadhdhoo city center from Kadhdhoo Airport, you can choose among ferry, speedboat, sea plane or taxi. The airport has private shuttle vehicles operated by its own. You can reach the city in a short time whether you use these vehicles or private sea taxis.

Kadhdhoo is the second most visitors attracting city in the Maldives, which is an island country, after the capital. Sea transportation instead of road transportation is used in the city. This situation prevents traffic problems and saves tourists and indigenous people from a great deal of trouble. In Kadhdhoo, which is geographically suitable for sea transportation, you can get to one point from another by using boats, speedboats, safari vehicles, sea taxi, ferry or seaplane which is extremely modern and fast.  


Using the speed boats to get to the Kadhdhoo Airport and then to Kadhdhoo city center from Malé airport will save you incredible time. From Kadhdhoo Airport you can reach the city center in a short time with speed boats or safari vehicles. These speed boats, which are named Dhonis, are among the most preferred and most economical means of transportation in the city.


In Maldives you can get a unique experience as well as a fast journey without being exposed to traffic with the seaplanes. The fact that the seaplanes are very widespread in Kadhdhoo and Kadhdhoo Airport provides sea transportation to the city makes it a great convenience to tourists visiting the city and the locals.

Seaplanes, which are very frequently used for transportation services, are highly developed in the Maldives. You can get to Kadhdhoo city center by seaplane and shorten your travel time by half.

Sea Taxi

You can get to Kadhdhoo city center from the airport by ferries or speed boats as well as with sea taxis. Sea taxis are available both in the city center and airport terminal buildings.It is possible to get to Kadhdhoo city center in a very short time by taking a sea taxi from Kadhdhoo Airport.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island flights?

When you search for Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

Which airports can I use for Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island flights?

For Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island flights, you can use Cologne Bonn Airport, Koeln Railway Station, Deutz Railway Station as departure airport, and Kadhdhoo Airport for arrival.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island is 8211 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 10 hour 10 minutes.

Which day is the most convenient for Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Cologne/Bonn (Cologne Bonn)-Kadhdhoo Island flights is Monday.

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