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Transportation to Emden Airport from the City Center

Emden Airport, located near the city center, is only used for local and regional flights. Therefore, passengers who want to travel from Emden to other cities in the country or around the world have to use other airports. Bremen Airport is the most convenient option due to its close proximity to the city and its accessibility.

Transportation to Bremen Airport from Emden

There are a variety of transportation alternatives to get to Bremen Airport from Emden, which is located in northwest Germany. Taking the train or bus to Bremen Airport from Emden are the most affordable means of transport. Rental cars, taxis, and shuttle services are great alternatives in terms of comfort and speed. When traveling from Emden city center to the airport you can evaluate each alternative and pick the one that best suits your needs.


Just as it is in many cities in the world, taxis are often preferred as a method of transportation to the airport. Taxis are readily available in the city center and a convenient transportation alternative because they provide door-to-door service. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to Bremen Airport from Emden. Keep in mind that the taxi fare between cities is high.


You can get to Bremen city center directly by bus from the Emden bus station. Once you get to the city center you have to transfer to a different vehicle to get to the airport. You can transfer to another bus that goes to Bremen Airport or take a taxi to the airport.


Thanks to Germany’s rail network that extends to almost every part of the country, trains are a great alternative for transportation between cities. You can take a train from Emden to Bremen city center. Once you get to the central train station in Bremen you can transfer to the airport buses or take a taxi to the airport. The trip to Bremen Airport from Emden by train usually takes 2.5 hours, under normal conditions. The train is also an affordable means of transportation.

Rental Car

Renting a car is another transportation alternative to get to Bremen Airport from Emden. There are rental car companies located in Emden and the immediate vicinity that you can rent a car from. However, when renting a car it is a good idea to check whether or not you can return the vehicle at Bremen Airport at the end of your trip. Once you have rented a car follow the signposts to Bremen and then Bremen Airport. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to Bremen Airport from Emden by car.

Shuttle Services

Shuttle services to the airport are not a very common means of transportation from Emden and its surroundings. However, if you are traveling in a group shuttle services are a fast and economical option. If you are staying at a hotel in Emden you can contact the hotel and have them help arrange a shuttle service for you or use the hotel’s service if they provide one. If you want to travel to the airport by shuttle services you must make a reservation ahead of time.

Limousine Rental

Just like shuttle services, limousines are not a common transportation alternative to get to Bremen Airport from Emden. However it is an option that is preferred by business travelers or those who want a seamless ride to the airport in a comfortable vehicle. If you intend to rent a limousine you must make a reservation in advance.

Airport Information

Bremen Airport is one of the few airports in the world that features a visitors’ terrace. The airport offers a rich selection of eating and drinking venues and places to go shopping to meet passengers’ pre-flight and post-flight needs.

Passengers can get a bite to eat or something to drink before their flight or after they land at venues like Cafe Jakobs, Punto Pasta, Istanbul Foods & Drinks or Kamps Bakery. You can also get last minute souvenirs and gifts at one of the many gift shops at Bremen Airport.

The airport also contains ATMs to meet your monetary needs like money transfers or other banking transactions. Bremen Airport is equipped with an expansive parking lot that offers passengers traveling by car short-term and long-term parking options.

Last Updated: 18 Dec 2016

Transportation to Dresden City Center from Airport

Public Transportation in Dresden is quite advanced and modern. Many parts of the city are accessible by tram and bus. Dresden features a common ticketing system that is valid for all public transportation networks in the city. Public transport in the city is provided by the DVB company. There is a tourist information office located right next to Zwinger, which is located in the theater square Theaterplatz. You can get more detailed information about public transportation in the city on DVB’s website.

Dresden Airport is located approximately 9 km from the city center. There are a variety of transportation alternatives availale to get to the city center from Dresden Airport including car, tram, bus, train, and taxi. In addition to these alternatives there are also affordable shuttle services that provide door-to-door transportation operated by Dresden Airport.

The Dresden Card is a very handy card to have; it offers free trips on public transportation, free entry to various museums in the city, and discounts at several tourist attractions. The Dresden-City-Card is specially designed for tourists. The 1-day Dresden city card for a single adult is 10 euros, and 14 euros for a family (two adults and max 4 children up to the age of 14). A daily use ticket for Zone 1 costs 9 euros, 13 euros for Zone 2 and 19 euros for every other region. The Dresden Card provides free entry to 13 museums throughout the city. There are also group tickets available for a maximum of 5 people. A day ticket for every region costs 28 euros. You can get the most up-to-date information at or you can email


The train provides convenient and direct transportation to the city center from Dresden Airport, which is located 9 km away. The train runs every 37 minutes. The S2 line from Dresden Airport provides transportation to Grenzstraße in 2 minutes, Klotzsche in 5 minutes, Industriegelände in 9 minutes, Neustadt in 12 minutes, Mitte in 16 minutes, Freiberger Straße in 18 minutes and Dresden Hauptbahnhof (main station) in 20 minutes. The same train provides transportation to Strehlen in 28 minutes, Reick in 30 minutes, Dobritz in 33 minutes, Niedersedlitz in 35 minutes, Zschachwitz in 37 minutes, Heidenau in 39 minutes, Heidenau-Sud in 42 minutes, Heidenau Großsedlitz in 44 minutes, and Pirna in about 47 minutes.

There are trains that depart every 30-37 minutes from the ground floor of Dresden Airport. A single ticket for the train is 2.20 euros. You can buy public transportation tickets, which are valid on the S-Bahn, trams, and buses, at the automated ticket machines at the station.


Buses are the cheapest and most practical transportation alternative to get to the city center from Dresden Airport. Bus number 77 and bus number 80 depart directly from the airport. Bus number 77 operates between Dresden Airport and Infineon Factory. If you get off at the Infineon-Nord stop (which takes 7 minutes) and get on tram number 7, the Pennrich line, it will take you to Albertplatz and the city center. Bus number 80 operates between Dresden Airport and the ElbePark Shopping Center and continues on to Omsewitz. Another option is to take bus number 80 to the Grenzstrasse train station and transfer to the S2 train or tram line 7.


Trams are the most popular and most economical method of transportation from the airport to the city center. There are 12 tram lines in Dresden that cover a total length of 210 kilometers. There are 154 tram stops throughout the city. The tram line numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Tram lines 2, 6, and 7 serve the southwest part of the city. Tram line 3 serves the northwest part of the city.

Tram lines 1, 9, and 13 serve the southeast part of the city. Tram line 6 starts in Niedersedlitz and continues on to Blasewitz, Albertplatz, Bahnhof Neustadt, Bahnhof Mitte, Löbtau and Wölfnitz. Tram line 7 starts in Pennrich and continues on to Gorbitz, Löbtau, Hauptbahnhof, Pirnaischer Platz, Albertplatz, Klotzsche and Weixdorf.

The first stop on tram line 8 is in Südvorstadt. Other stops along tram line 8 are Hauptbahnhof, Postplatz, Albertplatz and Hellerau. The first stop on tram line 9 is in Prohlis. Other stops along tram line 9 are Strehlen, Zoo, Hauptbahnhof, Postplatz, Mickten and Kaditz.

You can get more detailed information on the route and stops for tram lines 10, 11, and 12 on You can also save time by calling +49 351 857 10 11 for any additional information.


There are many bike paths throughout the city of Dresden. Since it is such a small city, transportation by bike is cheap. If you don’t have excess or heavy luggage you can rent a bicycle at the airport and enjoy a nice 30-35 minute ride to the city center.


There are about 500 taxis operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Dresden. Traveling by taxi is affordable. You can call 0351-211211 to order a taxi at any time of the day. Getting to the city center from Dresden Airport by taxi costs about 20 euros. You might be able to negotiate this down to 15 euros.

Popular taxi companies in the city include 8x8 Ihr Chaufferuservice (+490351 88888888), Fritzche Gmblt (+4903724131313), FunkTAXIDresden (+490351211211), Go Taxi (+4901801113322) and Reiseburo Urlaubsparadies und Kreisel Dresden (+4903512060100).

Rental Car

Renting a car from one of the many rental car companies at the airport is a convenient way to get to the city center. The 9 km drive from Dresden Airport to the city center takes about 10-15 minutes. Traffic in the city is considerably light, espeiclaly since the city is so small that most people travel on bike or by public transportation.

The most popular rental car companies at the airport are Avis (+4903518814600), Budget (+4903518814600/01), Enterprise (+4903518888660), Europcar (+4903518814590), Hertz (+4903518814580) and Sixt (+4901805252525).

Last Updated: 14 Dec 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Emden-Dresden flights?

When you search for Emden-Dresden flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Emden-Dresden flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

Which airports can I use for Emden-Dresden flights?

For Emden-Dresden flights, you can use Emden Airport as departure airport, and Dresden Airport, Dresden Railway Station for arrival.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Emden-Dresden and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Emden-Dresden is 513 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 1 hour .

Which day is the most convenient for Emden-Dresden flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Emden-Dresden flights is Monday.

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