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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights?

According to the destination you are looking for, Wingie compares all flights of hundreds of airlines and lists them, especially the most affordable ones. It lists the most suitable flights for the destination you want to go and the date of your planned travel, as well as offers daily estimated prices for recent dates with the Price Graph. Thus, you can see the date of the most affordable flight and if you have flexible travel plans, you can book your more affordable flight.

How does Wingie keep my transactions secure?

All your transactions on Wingie are secured with an SSL certificate. Your personal and credit card information are protected by institutions that comply with PCI DSS standards. Wingie also offers 3D Security assurance in your flight bookings. You can safely book all your flights on Wingie.

Can I find all the airlines and all the flights I'm looking for on Wingie?

In your flight searches on Wingie, you can find direct or connecting flights arranged by airlines for the destination you want to go. In addition, thanks to our LogiConnect feature, you can see the LogiConnect flights that we have created with flights that are cheaper or shorter than the existing routes.

How can I book flights on Wingie?

You can use our website to book your flights from Wingie. After entering the destination and date you want to go, you can compare the flights of hundreds of airlines, choose the most suitable flight for you and book it safely and quickly.