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About Pasay

Pasay, which is located in the National Capital Region in the north of the Philippines, is a crowded port city with a population of approximately half a million. Pasay is home to the headquarters of many important companies in the country such as Philippine Airlines and Philippine National Bank.

Pasay, which is under the influence of the tropical savanna climate, has a temperature of approximately 27 degrees throughout the year. In the city, which has a high humidity rate in all seasons, arid season is experienced from December to April and there is very little rainfall. Rainy season is experienced between May and November. Heavy tropical storms can be observed especially in July, August and September.

The colorful Jeepneys are the most commonly used public transportation vehicles both by the local people and tourists. On the other hand, buses and rail system can also be used alternatively.

Although there are various alternatives for shopping, Mall of Asia Shopping Center offering service in a large building is the meeting point of shopping lovers in Pasay. Those looking for a more traditional environment can visit Cartimar where they can try local tastes specific to the region. In addition, there are many spa and massage centers where you can relieve tiredness.

Although Pasay isn’t a rich city in terms of tourist destinations, it is a city having interesting museums. The Upside Down Museum, where you can take wonderful pictures and which will glamourize you, the Exploreum and Myth of Human Body museums, which will satisfy science enthusiasts and the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum for those who are interested in military aircrafts are only a few of these museums.

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