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How can I use Wingie to find the cheapest flight?

  1. Wingie compares ticket prices from over 1,000 airlines to find you the best deal.
  2. We get instant updates on ticket prices from major airlines.
  3. You can compare flights on your selected dates according to a variety of criteria.
  4. You can book your flight online in minutes with just a few clicks.
  5. Wingie allows you to buy tickets with your credit card.
  6. Wingie will send up-to-date notifications about promotions.
  7. All transactions are protected by Globalsign, the world’s leading security certification company.

Which airlines' tickets can I find on

When searching for tickets on, you can view all major international airlines, as well as notable European and regional carries. These include (but are not limited to) Lufthansa, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Ryanair, Sunexpress, Pegasus and Air France.

How can I reserve a ticket?

You can list the flight options by entering the departure and arrival cities, departure and return dates, number of travelers and other information in the search form and click 'Find a Ticket'. You can then select your preferred flight from the list, and proceed to our booking page. There, your flight information will be highlighted and you will be provided with the option to purchase travel insurance. After entering the traveler's information, you can complete your booking by clicking the "purchase" button. On the following page, you can complete your purchase after selecting your payment method.

Which cities can I fly to using

Wingie's search bar finds tickets to almost any destination imaginable, from major global cities like New York, Paris, Rome, Athens, Dubai and Berlin to smaller touristic destinations such as Antalya, Ibiza, Fiji and New Orleans.

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