Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a flight?

You can obtain your tickets quickly and easily on our website or mobile site and İOS or Android applications on your smart phone/tablets using your Visa/Mastercard credit cards in a few easy steps.

1) Flight choice

Choose between the one-way or round trip options on the Wingie home page search box.

2) Search for flights

Search for your flight by entering the airport, flight date, and number of travelers.

3) Filter your results

All of the flights matching the criteria you entered can be viewed at once on the results page. Additionally, by using the 'Filter' option on the left side of the screen, you can get closer to finding the perfect ticket you need by filtering the results according to price, airport, airline and departure/arrival hour.

4) Ticket choice

After you decide and click on the most suitable flight, you will be redirected to a reservation screen where you will securely enter the traveler data.

5) Ticket Reservation

After entering your data, by clicking on the 'RESERVATION' button you can reserve your ticket until a set date which is automatically chosen by the airline. The Reservation option may vary according to the airline and flight date you choose.

6) Ticket Purchase

Clicking on the 'BUY' button will allow you to complete your ticket purchase with your credit card or cash card by using the 3D Secure system to provide an additional layer of security, after you approve the terms of use, flight rules and Wingie privacy policy.

What is a promotional ticket?

Promotional tickets are tickets that cannot be canceled, returned or changed after purchase.

  • Promotional airline ticket prices are valid for a limited number of seats.
  • Promotional tickets cannot be canceled, returned or changed.
  • Airlines reserve their rights to change the promotion conditions.
  • Promotional airline ticket prices are valid for a limited number of seats.
  • Promotional tickets can have other restrictions on the route and the date.
  • You can obtain detailed information about the promotion ticket rules by calling our Customer Service Center at +44 203 9360 985.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a secure, online payment system which provides an additional layer of security to consumers. It was first developed by Visa under the name "Verified by Visa", then Mastercard joined later as a partner with its "SecureCode" service. Other banks use systems under the names 'International Security Platform', 'Maxinet', or '3-Dimensional Security System’, but they are all basically the same security protocol. 3D Secure is a platform which further increases the security of online payments, and regulates the responsibilities of the merchant, workplace, bank, and card owner. Unlike the regular payment procedure which finishes after the user enters his/her card information, under Ȑ3D Secureȑ an additional screen is presented to the user by the bank of the card used during payment, and the user is requested to enter the CVC2 information and/or a SMS password which is sent to the recorded mobile phone of the user. Confirming the identity of the card owner in this way helps prevent the usage of the card by someone other than the owner.

I did not receive my 3D Secure password

If the 3D Secure password or screen does not appear during the ticket purchase, your card may not be open to the 3D security system. In such a situation, you should contact the bank which issued your card, and enable the secure payment system. Additionally, the mobile phone number registered to your card may not be up-to-date. You can update your information in your bank branch or ATM. If any operator or SIM card change is present in your current number, you may need to contact your bank.

I received my 3D password, but the 3D page lags or does not open

If you try to buy your ticket while connected to the internet through a company or institution’s network, you may experience restrictions on the 3D secure payment screen that prevent you from completing the transaction. If the features of your phone are complaint, you can conduct your procedure on our mobile page by using a 3G connection.

I entered my 3D password, but the process is not allowed.

Any of the followings can be the reason of this problem.
Card owner:You may be entering the reference number instead of the password in the message sent by the bank.
CVC code:Card Verification Code or CVC in short is an additional code written on your bank card or credit card. This code is the last three figures of the number above the signature line on the back of your card in many cards (Visa, MasterCard, bank cards etc.).
Browser: It can be a temporary problem caused by the browser you use. You can try to log in using another browser and if the problem continues still, you can contact our Call Center with the number of +44 203 9360 985.

I purchased the ticket but did not receive a confirmation/approval message.

If the bank does not send you the 3D security password after you enter your credit card information, the purchase procedure will not be completed. This may occur because your card does not have the 3D security system enabled; you can contact your open your card up to the system. It’s also possible that the customer ended the procedure after he or she entered the card information but without completing the buying procedure; this also means the confirmation/approval message will not be sent. If you wish to receive help about this subject, you can contact our Customer Service center at +44 203 9360 985.

How can I make a change on my ticket?

You can cancel and make other changes to your ticket by calling our Customer Service Center at +44 203 9360 985.

How can I cancel my ticket? Can I get a refund?

You can cancel and make other changes to your ticket by calling our Customer Service Center at +44 203 9360 985. For procedures which require a refund, the length of time needed for the refund to complete may take between 1- 7 business days, according to your card’s issuing bank. During working hours, our accounting department contacts your bank and will carry out the refund.In payments made with credit cards, a refund can be made on the same credit card. A refund cannot be paid in cash or with a transfer. If you canceled your ticket from a call center of the relevant airline, you can call our Customer Service Center at +44 203 9360 985, provide your e-ticket or PNR number and request the return of your ticket.The cancellation of your flight does not mean that your ticket will always be refunded, and this includes only the cancellation of the relevant flight or flights. Wingie Customer Service will not be able to start the refund procedure of the tickets if we are not informed about the cancellation and the refund request made in the call center of the relevant airline. In conditions where a cancellation is made by consulting the airline, you need to consult our Customer Service by calling +44 203 9360 985 to request the refund. Beginning from the date in which we request the refund of your ticket, the airline will be connected and the total amount will be refunded to the credit or cash card you used to make the original transaction (either in installments or in a lump sum, according to the original transaction type)

I made the payment but did not receive my ticket.

First, call our support line at +44 203 9360 985 and ensure that you entered your e-mail address correctly. In other situations, as the bank keeps you waiting in provision, the price may change as other travelers make reservations on the same flight. In such conditions, the ticketing procedure may not be completed. Our customer representatives follow this subject during working hours and contact our customers via telephone, helping them with return or buy the ticket. The refund will be made with the card you made the original payment with within 3- 5 working days in accordance with your approval.

The price increased while I was buying the ticket. What can I do now?

The seat you were trying to buy may have been bought by another user before you. In cases where you could not purchase the original ticket, you need to start the process over from the beginning, and finish the buying procedure with the new price. You can contact us at +44 203 9360 985 for detailed information.

Why are the prices from the airlines' websites different?

You can follow the current ticket prices of all airlines on our website. Prices you will see in Wingie can be different from the prices on the airline website in some cases. The reasons for this can be the class difference of the relevant seat, the difference between the service price taken by the airline and Wingie, or special seat vacancy. We at Wingie are always working to provide you with the most reasonable price!

The birth date I entered was incorrect. Will this pose an obstacle to my flight?

It is not an obstacle for our adult travelers if they entered the incorrect birth date. However, on international flights, a correction can be carried out by the agency you bought your ticket from if the birth dates stated in the passport and the ticket are different. You can contact our Customer Service center at +44 203 9360 985 and make the correction.

I purchased my flight ticket but was not allowed on the plane. I was told the flight was overbooked. What does that mean?

First of all, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Overbooking is related to the demand projection process of the airlines. On every flight, airlines use the previous number of travelers who did not show up to their flight in order to ensure that there will be no empty seats on the next flight, and may sometimes make more sales than the number of seats on the plane. When ticket sales surpass the number of available seats on the plane, the airline’s flight counter will be closed early and some travelers [usually the ones arriving later] will not be allowed onto the plane, even if he or she has a ticket. We recommend you to read the traveler rights documentto find out about what you can do in such a situation.

The optional reservation reminder e-mail comes after the ticket is bought, is my ticket not ready yet?

The reminder e-mails of other reservations you made are sent by the system automatically while you try to buy a ticket. You can call our Call Center at +44 203 9360 985 for any process you need in case a change is required.

I cannot buy a flight ticket. I encountered a problem.

You can contact our Call Center at +44 203 9360 985 or e-mail us at if the problem you encounter is different from one of the reasons stated above.

Can I change the name in my ticket?

You cannot change the name on the ticket you purchased. All rights on the ticket such as change of the usage, date and/or route or return belong to the person whose name is written on the ticket and cannot be transferred in any way. The name can also not be changed in order to transfer the ticket to someone other than who the ticket was prepared for. The same rule is also valid when an inaccurate or incorrect name is entered.

Infant travelers

Infant travelers are allowed to travel in flights only with when accompanied by parents or authorized custodians. Infants younger than eight days are not allowed on flights, even if they are with their parents. A ticket cannot be purchased for only an infant traveler. If you wish to add an infant traveler to the ticket you bought, you can contact us by calling +44 203 9360 985. An adult can accompany a maximum of one infant in accordance with the inter-flight security rules.

Child travelers

Child discounts are available for our travelers between the age of 2 and 12 years old, yet at certain rates according to the price class. Child travelers must travel while being accompanied by an adult, and ticketing cannot be performed for only one child traveler. If you wish to add a child traveler to the ticket you bought, you can contact us by calling our Call Center +44 203 9360 985. You need to verify the age of the child with an identity card or any other official document during the ticket arrangement

Can I change the date and/or the destination of my ticket?

You cannot cancel the ticket after it is bought on Wingie. You can receive help from our Call Center at +44 203 9360 985 for all changes about tickets to be carried out by us in accordance with the airline regulations. In the event that a ticket which is allowed to be changed is present, the change fare and/or price difference stated in the airline regulations will be

How can I find the change rules?

You can reach our Call Center at +44 203 9360 985 to obtain information about the class and rules of your ticket.

What is online check-in?

Online check-in allows travelers who bought tickets from participating airlines to check-in on the internet before they come to the airport. Many airlines gives the opportunity to check-in online beginning 23-24 hours before the flight up until 90 minutes before to the flight. The check-in procedure opens only 24 hours before the flight because the type of plane used on the flight may change.

How can I check in online?

You need to fill in the 'Online Check-in' part in the address of with 'Reservation Code (PNR)' and 'Traveler Name' and 'Traveler Surname' and you can complete your procedure easily after you are redirected to the online check-in page of the relevan