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The low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines was founded in 1999 and its headquartered in Istanbul. The main hub for Pegasus Airlines is at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport; the airline has additional hubs at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Antalya Airport. Acquired by the Sabanci family and lead by CEO Ali Sabanci, the company is known for offering affordable air travel. With promotional flights for domestic and international travel throughout the year, the company has more than 45 aircraft in its fleet and it continues to grow. It is one of Europe’s fastest-growing airlines. Pegasus Airlines flies from Istanbul to multiple international destinations such as London, Amsterdam, Almaty, Paris, Budapest and Dubai. You can find both international and domestic Pegasus tickets on wingie.com.

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Mustafa Alış

Thank you for your non-stop flights to Izmir Mus. You reassured us.


It is a very primitive application to take money everywhere. The basic need should not be with water money.

Anonymous user

On September 26, we went to Sabiha Gokcen airport to go from Ankara to Geneve and went to the passport queue, we went unfortunately, a line that stretched for miles, went to the fast night, but the fast pass order was not less than the other, I entered the desperate queue and waited for a full-hour standing passport queue. It is not the turn. Those who meet constantly. Fights, etc. etc. We had a nightmare. The air was not giving the slightest amount of air. I never endure this crush again to go abroad. Because I never believed in the excuse of system failure, I have experienced the same situation in the past year. It is only unfair to say that you have to endure this crush in the moment.


I've traveled to different cities from Istanbul for two weeks in a row, but I regret that I did ... Did a plane never leave? First week kayseri stood 1.40 min delay, this is said to us delay, we have exceeded this time too. The second error is delayed 55 minutes. We rebelled rightly. Most of the passengers with us were outraged. The response of the official who saw our response was: 'You read the contract when buying the ticket'. So if you're going to say okay okaparsa attitude. A very amateur approach. Service should be provided as required. The reason we choose the plane is to save time. Go to the airport and wait there or something. You've got a cheap ticket, a ridiculous attitude. . I'm not satisfied ...


Excellent service thanks

Anonymous user

Yüksekova Adana expedition we want teacher officer police ...

Anonymous user

Sanliurfa istanbul flights are at a much higher price compared to other expensive cities.

Anonymous user

Price is too much exaggeration


When I landed in Istanbul Sabihagökçelk Trabzon airport, I got angry in Bagaz section, when I conveyed the situation to my brothers and sisters in charge, I got an answer because I could have stayed in Istanbul. They said they went to the overseas department, I waited there, normally I went down early, but it was midnight when the baggage was waiting, they said they finally found the baggage.

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IATA code: PC

Date of establishment: 12/01/1990

Number of airplane: 83 plane

Flight points: 105 points