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Turkish Airlines, also known by its airline call sign THY, is the national airline of Turkey. Turkish Airlines’ main hub is at Atatürk International Airport. It is a member of the Star Alliance (SA) network, which consists of 27 member airlines, making it one of the largest global airline alliances in the world. It is one of the largest airlines in the world. Turkish Airlines has been decreasing prices while continuously increasing the number of domestic and international flights. In 2003 Turkish Airlines was flying to 104 destinations. As of 2016, Turkish Airlines flies to 290 destinations in 115 countries. The airline continues to expand its reach around the world. The international flight network of Turkish Airlines has expanded from Europe to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and even North and South America. You can fly to many destinations around the globe enjoying the comfort, quality and safety of Turkish Airlines. You can use to book and buy Turkish Airlines tickets online, search for flight schedules, and read about departures and arrivals.

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General Evaluation 3/5
Price/Performance 3/5
Departure time 3/5
Quality of Service 4/5

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Pervin Karagöktaş

Taipei biletleri hiç ucuzlamıyor neden. Tüm ülkelere kampanya yapılırken neden Taipei'ye yapılmıyor. Sakın uçak boş gidiyor demeyin çünkü Eylül Ekim de gidip geldiğimde uçak full idi. Birde benim boyum 1.65 uçağın içinde bacaklarım sığmadı. Direk uçusa ihtiyacım olmasa binmem. Az bir yol değil 12 saat sürüyor. Bunada katlanıyorum ama biletlerin daha uygun olmasını bekliyorum. Saygılarımla,


Çok iyi


the prices of your promotions are very convenient and I am pleased if you do them frequently and in the summer months I am a frequent visitor on request and thank you for promotions mailite I want to send discounts


To me, the best clean service is the clean meals.DECEIVABLE SABIHA GÖKÇEN DANE flights for Venice is very bad, I am having difficulty.Let the flights back


Prices are very expensive We are expecting no discounts on international tickets in 2018, hopefully a reasonable price falls, it is very high now,

Anonymous user



Thy super

Anonymous user

THY is very nice, the service is very good, the hostesses are great AMA will be better if there is no fear of the plane :) :) Helal pilots, Allha helpers, INSALLAH

emine ayranci

I had a problem with turk airlines I lost my suitcase but I said that my suitcase disappeared without getting out of the airport basel gorevliler 10 then came my suitcase baggage parcalanmisti but it called me the price of the baglet that broke the baselets I told the price of my suitcase

Anonymous user

Beyler in the domestic costs of the prices youzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz high prices

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Turkish Airlines Imprint

IATA code: TK

Date of establishment: 20/05/1933

Number of airplane: 333 plane

Flight points: 299 points