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Number of flights per week2
Top destinationsBujumbura
Most popular airlineUganda Airlines
Most popular airportMelchior Ndadaye Intl. Airport
Flight Duration14 hour 30 min

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About Burundi

The Republic of Burundi is located in central part of Africa. The capital of the country is Bujumbura. The country has no connection with the sea or ocean. Burundi, which is a mountainous country, has a relatively mild and humid climate although it is close to the axis of equator. There are rainy periods throughout the country. One is September-November period, and the other is February-May period. The country experiences severe transitions between heavy rainfall and dry seasons, and agriculture is adversely affected by weather conditions.

In Burundi, people mostly engage in agricultural activities to meet their own needs, and animal husbandry is also carried out in the country. Although there are various underground resources, its effect on the economy of the country is low. You can witness the amazing wildlife in Burundi. There are many wild animals in the country such as leopard, lion, baboon, zebra, antelope, crocodile and hippo.

In addition to the local languages, French and English are also spoken. There are no ATMs in Burundi. Credit cards are not commonly used. Therefore, you should be careful about carrying cash with you, but you should also be careful against theft. You should definitely visit Lake Tanganyika. This lake has natural beauty and offers you the chance to see different animal species especially crocodiles. You can also try dishes made with fresh fish of this lake.

The effect of the French cuisine on its dishes is also seen. However, the most consumed food in the country is shish kebab and grilled banana, which is its national dish. Beer consumption is also common in the country. There are many natural parks in Burundi. You can join safari tours accompanied by a guide or explore the surrounding areas with an off-road vehicle that you can rent. Lake Rwihinda and Karera Waterfalls are also among the places to see.

You can find the most affordable flight ticket alternatives for traveling to Burundi by visiting Enuygun.com. Since there may be disputes between different ethnic groups living in the country, it is useful to follow the news about the country before traveling to the country.

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