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Transportation to Dubai Airport from the City Center

Al Maktoum Intl. Airport

Al Maktoum International Airport is located 40 km from the city center, in Jebel Ali. The majority of the airport is still under construction however it is currently operating passenger services out of one terminal.


To get to Al Maktoum Airport from the city center, for flights departing no later than midnight, you can take the red line of the Dubai Metro all the way to the Ibn Battuta Metro Station. From there you can take bus F55 to the airport. The F55 buses depart every hour, on the hour and the total trip to the airport takes about 40 minutes. If you’re flight is after midnight, the F55A buses depart from the Satwa Bus Station from 12:30 am – 6 am and go directly to Al Maktoum Airport. This bus line runs along the coast, passing by many hotels and beaches. You can get on this bus from stops in front of Hilton Beach Club, Jumeirah Beach Park, Royal Mirage Hotel, Oasis Beach Hotel, and Hilton Jumeirah Hotel.

The bus ride from the Satwa Bus Station to the airport takes about 1.5 hours. At the moment parking at the airport is free! If you’re going to drive your personal car you don’t have to worry about parking fees. You can also access the airport by taxi or rental car.

Airport Information

The construction of Al Maktoum International Airport is still ongoing, however it has been serving passengers out of one terminal for the past couple of years. There are a number of international flights to Dubai that land at Al Maktoum International Airport. However when compared to Dubai International Airport it hosts fewer flights. This number is expected to increase exponentially in the future.

Located 40 km from the city, Al Maktoum International Airport is situated in the middle of the dessert. Right now there aren’t many transportation alternatives to get to and from the city center. Moreover, there isn’t much located around the airport. However, in the future the area surrounding Al Maktoum International Airport will be completely different, with hotels, golf courses, and various facilities nearby. Since it is relatively new, Al Maktoum International Airport doesn’t have a rich variety of eating and drinking or shopping venues in the airport. If you want to grab a quick bite to eat there are chain cafes and restaurants located in the departing passenger terminal, including Hot & Roll, Papa Johns Pizza, Tandori, Thai Express, Starbucks and Vanellis Italian Foods. For shopping the only venue available is “Bin Sina Pharmacy”. The airport is currently providing passenger services out of one terminal. The “Marhaba Lounge” is located on the first floor of this terminal. This lounge is open 24 hours a day to all passengers for a certain fee, regardless of ticket class. In addition to an open buffet and refreshments there is free internet and laptop services. There are cabins where you can take a shower located between gates 1 and 6.

Last Updated: 18 Apr 2019

Dubai Intl. Airport

Dubai International Airport is located 4.6 km from the city center. It is the city’s main airport and the busiest airport in the world according to international passenger traffic. Dubai International Airport handled 78 million passengers in 2015. The airport is accessible by taxi, hotel shuttle service, bus, and metro.


The airport is accessible by two lines on the Dubai Metro System. The Red Line provides transportation from the city center, and major locations in the city, directly to the airport. The line runs through the airport, with stops in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. The second line is the Green Line, which runs to a stop that is in close proximity to the airport. The Green Line provides transportation to the Dubai Airport Free Zone. Passengers can connect to Terminal 2 from this station.

Hotel Shuttle Service

There are many hotels in Dubai that offer shuttle services to and from the airport. However these services are usually for a cost. We recommend inquiring about these services when making your hotel reservation. Some hotels that are located in close proximity to the airport might offer this shuttle service for free.

Airport Information

Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport in the Middle East and the 3rd busiest airport in the world, according to international passenger traffic. This modern airport has a structure that resembles a shopping center, featuring 3 terminal buildings, a parking lot, an area used for rental cars, and even a hotel. Terminal 1 acts as the main terminal and is used by many airlines, so a significant number of international passengers pass through Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is more for domestic flights. Terminal 3 is dedicated to Emirates and is the most luxurious of the three terminals. Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are connected. These two terminals feature an elaborate design and offer many services such as lounges, restaurants, cafes, bars, stores, and children’s play areas. Terminal 2 offers less in terms of services and amenities and therefore is an area that most tourists never visit. Especially because you have to use the airport shuttle bus to get to Terminal 2 from Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. The terminal halls feature over 80 restaurants, fast food chains, and cafes offering delicious examples of international cuisine.

Cafe Nero, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, KFC, Mc Donalds, Burger King, Paul, and Papa Johns are a few of chain venues you can find at the airport. There are Dubai Duty Free shops located at most gates in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. You can find many products at the duty free shops, from electronics to clothing, cosmetics, medicine, gifts, watches, and jewelry. In general the prices are kind of high but you can benefit from duty-free privileges.

Wi-fi service at the airport is free for the first 30 minutes and can be used almost anywhere in the airport. There are more than 10 lounges in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. If you’re not a first class or business class passenger you can use these lounges for a certain fee. The Dubai International Hotel is located within the airport and for a certain fee passengers can use the hotel’s facilities such as the pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, or showers. Passengers can also take advantage of the shower stalls and rest areas located in various parts of the airport.

There are also zen gardens that nature lovers can visit. The airport features other services and amenities as well, including ATMs, children’s play areas, currency exchange offices, a gym, health centers, pharmacy, and prayer rooms.

Last Updated: 10 Jun 2019

Sharjah Intl. Airport

Sharjah International Airport, located close to the popular points in the United Arab Emirates such as Sharjah and Dubai, is located almost equidistant from both centers. To get to the airport, which is about 15 kilometers outside of Dubai, you can choose from a number of comfortable vehicles, especially taxi and rental cars in Dubai and Sharjah. Passengers traveling from the city center to the airport usually prefer the easily accessible taxis. If you rented a car when you came to the city, you can also use your rental car to get to the airport. If you choose this method, you can easily deliver your rental car at the offices that serve the passengers at the airport. There are also buses from Sharjah and Dubai as a more affordable alternative to airport transfers. If you prefer a much more comfortable and quick journey except these means, you can take advantage of private shuttles or luxury limousines.

Car Rental

In the city center you can rent out your car without hassle by finding offices of rental companies like Hertz, AVIS or Budget and Dollar. Thanks to the wide and regular roads of Dubai, driving in the city is extremely comfortable. If it is not a busy hour, it usually takes no more than 20 minutes to get to the airport with the car you rent. When the traffic is heavy, this can take up to 30-40 minutes. Make sure that you have your documents, such as the internationally valid driver's license, which you may need to rent a car with you. If you are traveling to the city for the first time, be sure to have a navigation device on hand to find your way more easily and minimize the risk of getting lost.


You can also travel to Sharjah International Airport from Dubai or Sharjah by bus. Travelling to Sharjah Airport by bus can take a bit longer compared to taxi. For this reason, if you are not comfortable with time, you should use taxis instead of the buses to save time. There are more bus services for the passengers coming to the airport from Sharjah direction. If you are not traveling late at night and you are not in a hurry to catch your plane, you can consider the bus option.


The passengers travelling to Sharjah International Airport from both Dubai and Sharjah usually prefer taxis. The close proximity of the airport to both centers allows the taxi fare to be kept low and makes it an economical option. If you arrive at the airport from the city center by taxi, you will have to pay the fare, an average of 30-40 US Dollars, in local currency at the end of your journey. This fare may change depending on the status of the traffic and the point you are traveling to. You can get information about the average taxi fare from your hotel or taxi drivers before the trip.

Private Airport Shuttle

Many private airport shuttle service providers are located near Dubai and Sharjah. With these services, which have different passenger capacities, you can reach the airport without any difficulty with your crowded group. Fares for private airport shuttles may vary depending on distance, number of passengers or time of day travelling. For this reason, if you want to get information about the fares of the services, you can contact the companies directly by doing a short research on the internet. If your hotel has a shuttle service to the airport, it is also possible to use the airport shuttle service by getting information from the hotel staff a few days or hours before your travel.

Luxury Transfer Vehicles

Dubai and its environs have been recognized in recent years as one of the world's most important business, trade and finance centers. With this effect, the interest and demand for luxurious vehicles for airport transfer in the city is increasing day by day. The luxury limousine service is one of the services offered to customers by many hotels in the city. With these vehicles, you can complete your journey in a much more privileged and enjoyable way compared to buses and taxis. Booking your luxury car a few hours before your flight will usually suffice.

Airport Information

at Sharjah International Airport, which connects the world with the fast-developing centers Dubai and Sharjah, you can find everything you might need from small shops you can shop, restaurants serving both Arabic and European and international cuisine, and car rental office. Located at the airport, the VIP passenger lounge offers a privileged setting where you can read daily newspapers while you wait for your plane, or enjoy fresh juices and sandwiches. ATMs and bank branches where you can easily transfer money and make many other banking transactions are some of the services offered to the passengers at the airport. During your stay at Sharjah International Airport, which is known as one of the family friendly airports, you can benefit from services such as children's play areas or a babysitting room.

For dining at the airport, also known for its extensive shopping and dining areas, you can choose from different venues such as McDonald's, Costa Coffee, London Dairy Cafe, Dunkin Donuts, Grab and Go, Subway, CHOCOLIX, Mumbai Spices, Krispy Kreme and World News Cafe. You can also visit duty-free shops in Dubai Sharjah International Airport, where you can find a wide range of perfumes, chocolates and gift items. In addition to all these services, a room specially designed for those who wish to pray in a quiet environment at the airport and services such as a lost-goods bureau are also offered to passengers traveling here.

Last Updated: 11 Feb 2017

Transportation to Valencia City Center from Airport

Alicante Airport

Valencia, located on the east coast of Spain and a Mediterranean city famous for its Fallas Festival, is the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia and the third-largest city in Spain. For travelling to Valencia, established around the Turia River, you need to fly to Valencia Airport. The place known as the central region of the city is called Plaza de Espana. Calle de la Paz represents the historical part of the city. Estación del Norte is the central railway station located near the city center.

The city consists of six different regions. While the places near the border of the city are included in the sixth region; the first region includes the city center. In order to use the public transportation vehicles in the city, you can travel by metro, train or bus by purchasing tickets called "bono" from many kiosks or package stores. If you are thinking of travelling by bus, you should buy “Bonobus”. If you are planning to use railway system, you should buy “Bonometro”.

The distance between the central regions of the city and the Valencia airport is about 9 kilometers. If you are planning to travel to the airport from any part of the city, there are many options you can prefer such as taxi, car rental as well as metro or bus from the public transportation vehicles. After your plane has landed, before starting your travel, you can make your transportation more affordable by buying VLC Tourist Cards from the tourist offices.


Buses called Line 150 Valencia - Manises - Aeropuerto take passengers to the city center from the airport in about half an hour. The buses run every twenty-five minutes. The buses depart in front of the signboard found on the parking area near the arriving passenger section. Bus services can continue until 09:30 pm or 10:00 pm according to their schedules. In addition, there are more than forty bus lines offering service in the city. By using the buses, you can easily get to your destination in the city. After midnight, the night buses, numbered with the letter N, continue operating to the commonly visited parts of the city. Another practical alternative to reach the city from the airport is the bus services called Aerobus. These services, which run every twenty minutes, are operating between 06:00 am and 10:00 pm. The fares of these services are slightly higher than the bus fares.


In the city, metro is another public transportation vehicle connecting the central railway station with the airport. The trains operate every eight minutes and reach the city center in about twenty minutes. You need to come to Zone A from Zone D of the airport in order to use the metro line. For that, you can benefit from the services or walk. From the airport, you can travel to Maritim-Serreria station if you use the red metro line (Line 3), to Rafebunyol station if you use the green metro line (Line 5).

The railway system, which consists of six lines, is called Metro Valencia. Line 1, also known as the yellow line, offers transportation service between Bétera and Villanueva de Castellon stations; Line 2, also known as the pink line, offers transportation service between Torrent Avinguda and Lliria stations; Line 7, also known as the orange line, offers transportation service between Torrent Avinguda and Maritim-Serreria stations; Line 9, also known as the brown line, offers transportation service between Riba-roja de Turia and Rosas stations. There are many stations offering the option of transferring between each other. The metro network is not enough to provide transportation to every part of the city. Nevertheless, it is possible to reach many central parts of the city by using rail system. If you plan to use metro frequently in the city, buying Bonometro tickets for two or three days will be more appropriate for your budget.


Metro Valencia's lines 4, 6 and 8 offers transportation option by tramway. You can travel between Mas del Rosari and Dr. Among Lluch stations by using Line 4; between Tossal del Rei and Dr. Among Lluch stations by using Line 6; between Maritim-Serreria and Marina Reial Joan Carles I stations by using Line 8. These lines offer transfer option between themselves and between metro lines in many stations.

There is no direct tramway line to the city center from the airport. However, you can get to the airport by transferring to metro line 3 in Benimaclet station to where you have come with tramway line 4 and metro line 5 in Maritim-Serreria station to where you have come with tramway lines 6 and 8.


There are six train lines offering transportation service throughout the city. You can travel to the southeast part of the city by using train line C-1, to the southwest part by using the line C-2, to the west part by using the line C-3, to the part between the east and the center by using the line C-4, to the northwest part by using the line C-5 and to the northeast part by using the line C-6.

Car Rental

You can rent a car from the many famous car rental companies located at the airport. Alternatively, it is possible to make an online reservation before your flight. When traveling in the city, renting a bicycle is also a popular alternative to renting a car. There are approximately two hundred and fifty locations in Valencia where you can rent a bicycle. You can use the bicycle that you will rent from one of these locations for seven days without any limitation. First half an hour of use is free. The annual bicycle rental alternatives are more affordable for those planning to stay in the city for more than two weeks.


You can easily find a taxi at the airport. Moreover, compared to many European countries, the fares are more affordable in Valencia. If you want to have a more comfortable and quicker travel to the airport, taxi is a good option for you.

Last Updated: 30 Jul 2017

Valencia Airport

You have many transportation options for traveling to the city centre from Valencia Airport, one of Spain’s 10 busiest airports. You can choose from means of transportation such as metro, bus, taxi, or rental car, each very comfortable and convenient, for traveling to the city centre from the airport, which is located 8 kilometers outside Valencia city centre. When choosing your vehicle, you can prefer public transportation if your priority is an affordable travel, or you can choose taxis and rental cars for a convenient vehicle which allows you to travel independently.


When you arrive at Valencia Airport, you can get to the city centre by taking one of the buses departing from the bus stops around the terminal and carrying passengers to Valencia city centre in a short time. Traveling to the city centre from the airport  by the buses number 150 which carry passengers to areas such as Mislata, Quart de Poblet and Manises is both fast and affordable.


You can get to the many locations in the city centre from the Valencia Airport directly by taking the metro line number 3 of Metrovalencia. Prices for the one way metro ticket start from 1.50 Euro and may increase depending on your destination. You can buy roundtrip tickets for a single region or multiple regions, or if you wish, you can buy tickets that allow you to ride the metro for 10 times. If you want to use the metro for traveling to different locations in the city, you can buy TuiN Card, which is a some kind of a subscription card. Another option for a cheap metro ride in the city is to buy and use tourist metro cards. These cards, which are valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours are extremely convenient for visitors who want to see many places in a short time in the city. You can easily buy the cards you need for using the metro from the machines at the stations.


It is very easy to get to the city centre by taking a taxi from the Valencia Airport. Moreover, due to the airport’s proximity to the city centre, taxi rides do not cost much to those who want to travel on this route. Taxis waiting at the airport have a fixed starting fare which increases for every kilometer. Taxi fares vary by day and hour. On weekdays, from Monday to Friday, rates are lower from 07.00 a.m to 21.00 p.m, but they get higher after 21.00 and on weekends. Even if you travel at a very short distance from the airport, you have to pay the base taxi fare. If you have questions about the fee you will pay for your taxi ride, you can first contact the taxi drivers and get information directly about any matter, especially about the fare.

Rent a Car      

You can easily reach many locations in a short time by renting a car from Valencia Airport. There are international rent a car companies at the airport such as Hertz, AVIS, Sixt, Europcar and Enterprise. By making reservation via internet or by phone, you can get your car from the terminal at the agreed time. Remember that you need your internationally valid travel papers and driver licence with you to rent a car.

Last Updated: 02 May 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Dubai-Valencia flights?

When you search for Dubai-Valencia flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Dubai-Valencia flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

Which airports can I use for Dubai-Valencia flights?

For Dubai-Valencia flights, you can use Al Maktoum Intl. Airport, Dubai Bus Station, Dubai Creek Airport, Dubai Intl. Airport, Dubai Marina Mall Bus Station, Jebel Ali Free Zone Airport, Al Minhad Airport, Sharjah Intl. Airport, Dubai NP Bus Station as departure airport, and Alicante Railway Station, Valencia Airport, Estación de Nord Valencia Airport for arrival.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Dubai-Valencia and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Dubai-Valencia is 5365 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 6 hour 40 minutes.

Which day is the most convenient for Dubai-Valencia flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Dubai-Valencia flights is Thursday.

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