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Number of flights per week7
Top destinationsTallinn
Most popular airlineLOT Polish Airlines
Most popular airportTallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport
Flight Duration8 hour 40 min

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About Estonia

Estonia, located on the Baltic Sea coast, is a European nation in Northern Europe. To its north lies the Gulf of Finland, to the east is the Russian Federation, to the south is Latvia, and to the west is the Baltic Sea. With approximately 800 islands and islets within its borders, Estonia ranks high concerning development among Northern European countries.
Estonians settled in this region around 3000 BC. Despite enduring many invasions by different states over the years, Estonia declared its independence in 1918 from Imperial Russia and, in 1991, from the Soviet Union, becoming the Republic of Estonia.
Administratively divided into 15 regions and with its capital in Tallinn, other significant cities in Estonia, in terms of tourism, industry, and population density, include Tartu, Narva, and Parnu. With a population of nearly 2 million, about 65% are Estonians, 28% are Russians, and 3% are Ukrainians. The official language is Estonian, and the currency is the Euro. Besides the official language, Finnish and Hungarian are also commonly spoken. Estonia joined the European Union in 2002 and is among the most economically advanced countries in the EU.
Estonia's most important mineral resource is oil, and it also relies on resources such as peat reserves, high-quality phosphorite, limestone, dolomite, marl, and clay deposits. The country's extensive forests, consisting of pine, spruce, birch, and trembling aspen, contribute to a thriving forestry sector. Livestock farming is significant, and the country excels in information technology, boasting global achievements.
Estonia experiences a temperate climate. Summer temperatures average around 17 degrees Celsius, while winters can drop to as low as -5 degrees Celsius. The country undergoes remarkable changes between summer and winter, with autumn being milder compared to winter.
Estonia has been hosting consecutive music festivals since 1981, gaining worldwide recognition. Some of the most important festivals include the International Rock Music Festival, Estonia Song and Dance Celebration held in Tallinn every spring, Tallinn International Jazzkaar Festival, Tallinn Old Town Days in May and June, the Estonia Song Celebration held every five years since 1869, Ollesummer Festival in July, Saaremaa Opera Days, Leigo Lake Music Festival, Brigitta Music and Theatre Festival in August, Beersummer Festival featuring colorful shows throughout the summer, and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in November and December.
Traditional Estonian cuisine includes staples such as potatoes, cabbage, salmon, and trout. A popular and delicious local dish is seljanka, a meaty stew. Another preferred Estonian meal is schnitzel, commonly found on the menus of nearly every traditional Estonian restaurant. Estonia's cuisine primarily consists of pork, bear meat, and seafood, and you can experience regional flavors in the streets. Additionally, peanut brittle is one of the most consumed snacks.

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