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Number of flights per week19
Top destinationsAccra
Most popular airlineEthiopian Airlines
Most popular airportKotoka Intl. Airport
Flight Duration10 hour 30 min

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About Ghana

Ghana is a West African country bordered by the Gulf of Guinea to the south. It shares borders with Togo, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso. The capital city is Accra. Thanks to its rich gold reserves, the country was also known as the 'Gold Coast' under British Rule until 1957. The presence of diverse ethnic groups in the country has led to continuous conflicts, negatively impacting the national economy.
Today, Ghana remains one of the poorer countries, but it boasts a well-developed transportation network throughout the country, and the number of tourists visiting Ghana increases steadily each year. Due to low coastlines, Ghana features numerous rivers and rainforests.
Ghana experiences nearly equal day and night lengths throughout the year, and the temperature remains relatively stable due to being located in the tropical climate zone. Seasons can be summarized as rainy and dry periods. The temperature typically averages between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius year-round. The country has a rich and diverse flora, hosting numerous tree species.
For bird watchers, Ghana is a paradise as it is located on migratory routes for various bird species and is home to many tropical birds. You can also spot elephants, reptiles, and insects in Ghana. Moreover, the country's coastline along the Atlantic Ocean boasts remarkable marine life.
Ghana offers an array of tropical fruits to taste. You must try the plant-based local dish known as 'fufu,' made from cassava. Potatoes, wheat, and rice are dominant flavors in Ghanaian cuisine.
Bosumtvi Lake believed to be created by a falling meteor and having no connection to any river or underground water source, is a must-see destination in Ghana. The Akosombo Dam, considered the world's largest artificial reservoir, is also found in Ghana. The country is renowned for its beautiful natural beaches. In Ghana, you can go on safaris, engage in nature hikes in the rainforests, and explore fascinating castles, particularly along the coastal areas.
Football and clothing hold significant importance for the people of Ghana. Each color and pattern on garments carries a unique meaning, and attire is selected based on the occasion. The traditional 'kente' cloth is quite famous and can be an authentic souvenir for visitors to Ghana.
Ghana has a high prevalence of tropical diseases such as malaria, cholera, yellow fever, and typhoid. Travelers are advised to take necessary precautions and obtain required vaccinations before their trip. It is recommended to avoid consuming street food and drinking tap water.

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