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Guam is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, an unincorporated territory of the United States with a limited degree of self-government. Its capital is Hagatna. The country, situated in the tropical climate zone, experiences temperatures ranging from 21 to 32 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The period from July to September sees the highest rainfall, while January to May is considered the most suitable time to visit Guam in terms of rainfall and temperature.
The military bases on the island constitute the backbone of the country's economy. Additionally, Guam has an important role in regional transportation. Due to limited agricultural areas resulting from climate conditions, tourism is another crucial factor supporting the economy. Guam boasts beautiful natural beaches with clear waters, coral reefs around the island, and low water levels in natural bays.
Guam offers examples of world cuisine, with fast food restaurants being widespread. However, seafood is the most commonly consumed type of food on the island. During your stay in Guam, you can enjoy a variety of seafood and tropical fruits. The best examples of local dishes can be found at the Chamorro Village Night Market. In addition to basking in the sun on the perfect golden beaches, you can explore nature and scenery at the national park called Ritidian Point.
Participating in snorkeling or scuba diving tours allows you to discover the richness of the underwater world. Boat tours are also popular activities among visitors. Guam, the only American territory occupied during World War II, has the Pacific National Historical Park narrating the wartime experience, attracting history enthusiasts.
Talofofo Waterfalls, with natural pools formed beneath each waterfall and surrounded by wooded areas, are significant swimming and picnic spots in the country.

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