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Number of flights per week56
Top destinationsTunis
Most popular airlineQatar Airways
Most popular airportCarthage Airport
Flight Duration9 hour 10 min

About Tunisia

Tunisia, famously mentioned as the "land of the lotus-eaters" in Homer's Odyssey, is a culturally rich country that reflects the enchantment and heritage of the Mediterranean. Its roots trace back to Carthage, established by the Phoenicians in 814 BC. Throughout history, Tunisia has been influenced by Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Ottoman, and French cultures.
Despite its official language being Arabic, many Tunisians also speak French. Tunisia gained independence from French colonization in 1963.
The cultural mosaic of Tunisia, influenced by these diverse cultures, can be seen in traditional attire, cuisine, tourist sites, and nearly every corner of the country. With a population of almost 11 million, the capital is Tunis, and other important cities include Hammamet, known for its fine sandy beaches, Sfax, Sousse (Susa), Carthage, and Bizerte.
Tunisia is primarily an agricultural country, with about 60% of its land suitable for farming. It is renowned for its olive oil production, ranking in the top ten globally.
Tourism is significant to Tunisia's economy, with activities and entertainment available 24/7 to cater to visitors. The official currency is the Tunisian Dinar.
Tunisia experiences mild and rainy winters, especially in the northern regions, while summers are dry and hot. The southern part has a desert climate.
Bordered by Algeria and Libya, Tunisia is considered one of the most developed countries in terms of tourism and other sectors in its geographical region. The country hosts vibrant festivals that showcase traditional clothing and dances, with the most famous being the Sahara Desert Festival held in March and November.
Tunisian cuisine shares similarities with Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines, with bread, particularly "tabouna" being a staple in most meals. Tunisian dishes often feature meat, while saffron rice, and couscous as some of the most renowned delicacies.

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