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About Alanya

Alanya is a world-renowned touristic district of Antalya. Over the years, the district has grown significantly especially in tourism, so much so that it is now big enough to become a province. There are also around 10 thousand German and Russian citizens living in the city in neighborhoods generally consisting of their own communities. The climate of Alanya is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. Because of lingering relatively high temperatures, the hospitality business has been the major livelihood of the city. The sea-bathing season extends from April to as late as November, even December. Sightseeing highlights include the Damlataş (Dripping Stone) Cave, castle, shipyard, Archeological Museum, Dim Cave and Dimçay (Dim Creek). Facilities abound along the banks of the Dim Creek, where you can enjoy your food and bathe in the cool water.

Alanya has a shopping district that offers affordable products and plenty of choice. The city can be reached by air either through the Antalya International Airport or the Gazipaşa Airport, which started operating recently. The airport in Gazipaşa is small and about 30 minutes away from the center of the district. There are flights from Istanbul and Ankara as well as private tourist jets. The 2-year Vocational School of Akdeniz University offers education programs in the district. An International Triathlon and European Beach Volleyball Tournaments take place in Alanya.




Transportation to Alanya City Center from Airport

It is very practical to reach Alanya city center by public transportation and other transportation alternatives at the exits of Domestic and International Terminals of Gazipaşa Airport, which is located 40 kilometers away from Alanya city center. There are many alternatives such as HAVAŞ shuttle buses, transfer services, airport taxis and car rental offices. Whichever means of transportation you prefer, your journey will take a maximum of 1 or 1.5 hours.

HAVAŞ Shuttle Buses

If you prefer HAVAŞ shuttle buses, which are the fastest way to reach Alanya city center from Gazipaşa Airport, you need pay 17TL according to the latest tariff. HAVAŞ shuttle services, which are arranged according the current flights at the airport, depart from the bus stops outside the airport terminal building.

Alanya Bus Terminal is the last stop of HAVAŞ shuttle buses, which depart 25 minutes after each passenger plane's landing at Gazipaşa Airport. HAVAŞ buses departing from Gazipaşa Airport pass through the stops at Kargıcak Dinler Otel, Mahmutlar Belediye Kavşağı, Tosmur Kavşağı, Metro Kavşağı, Tespo Önü and Ticaret Odası Önü and reach Alanya Bus Terminal.

You can get to Alanya Bus Terminal in about 60 minutes after boarding a HAVAŞ bus. In addition, the one-way fare you need to pay for shuttle service is 17TL according to 2016 tariff and you need to pay the fare to the HAVAŞ bus assistant.


There are two types of taxis you can see when you step out of Gazipaşa Airport: the airport taxis, which are run by the Gazipaşa Airport Taxi Drivers' Cooperative according to a fixed price tariff, and the standard city taxis. If you are going to get to Alanya city center by an airport taxi, you will possibly need to pay an average of 120TL for the taxi ride.

The airport taxi fare is generally not higher than 120TL; however, the city taxi service may sometimes cost expensive while it may sometimes be more economical. If you want to benefit from the airport taxi service, all you need to do is to click at Meanwhile, it would be useful to say that the airport taxis apply the same tariff 24 hours a day.

Rent a car

Only three car rental companies serve at Gazipaşa Airport: Rent Go (+902425827399), Garenta Rent a Car (4445478) and Aytucar (+902422470377). You can get economical advantages by making a pre-booking at the company that you are going to rent a car at least one day before your arrival at Gazipaşa Airport. You can reach Alanya city center in about 1 hour by the car you will rent at the airport.

Last Updated: February 28, 2018