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Alderney, which is among the British Crown dependencies, is situated on the northern coast of France and south of England. Alderney Island, also known as the second largest island of the Channel Islands, is also the island closest to the borders of France.

English is widely spoken in the island, which has a population of about 2500 people. French is the second most commonly spoken language after English. The people are very friendly and helpful in Alderney, which offers a quiet and calm lifestyle with a completely different environment, though it is very close to the lively centers of Europe.

The island, which has a temperate climate like the other members of the islands group, is particularly vivid especially during the spring and summer months. In the autumn and winter months, the island is a little calmer, yet it offers different beauties for the visitors during these periods. Transportation to Alderney is also very easy and convenient. You can get to the island by making a flight from Southampton as well as you can prefer taking a boat departing from the coasts of France.

You can taste many different flavors including the delicacies from the English and French cuisines in Alderney, offering numerous options for eating and drinking as well as the activities. In the island, the salads, served especially with fish and seafood, are extremely tasty.

If you visit Alderney especially during the summer season, you can go swimming in the spectacular bays, sunbathe on stunning beaches or you can join diving tours and nature walks.

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