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Getting to the City Center from Buffalo Niagara International Airport

You can rent a private car in order to travel to Buffalo city center from Buffalo Niagara International Airport. If you want a more budget-friendly transportation alternative, you can use a metro or metrobus. If you will stay at a hotel close to the airport, you can benefit from the airport shuttle service offered by your hotel.

Taxi / Shuttle / Minivan / Limousine

There are tens of companies carrying passengers to the city center with comfortable vehicles. These vehicles wait for their passengers outside the airport arrivals terminal. By choosing a vehicle according to your budget, you can reach Buffalo city center in about 17 minutes under normal traffic conditions. If you want a more luxurious travel, you can get in contact with a limousine rental company.

Car Rental

There are 6 different car rental companies offering service at the airport. You can reach the city center in about 20 minutes by driving westwards on the highway NY-33 E.


You can reach the city center easily by getting on the metro route 204 from the metro station located outside the airport arrivals terminal. This route departs every 30 minutes on weekdays and the travel lasts about 30 minutes. One-way ticket price is 2.50 dollars.


It is possible to reach the city center in about 43 minutes under normal traffic conditions by using the metrobus route 24. One-way ticket price is only 2 dollars.

Hotel Shuttle

There are many hotels around the airport and they offer airport shuttle service for their guests. While some hotels offer this service for free, others can demand a certain amount for this service. You can have a comfortable and quick travel to your hotel by using a shuttle. You can make a reservation in advance by contacting your hotel.

Last Updated: June 08, 2018
Getting to Buffalo Niagara International Airport from the City Center

There are many modes of transportation available from the city centre to Buffalo Niagara International Airport. You can use the shuttle services that have a working agreement with the airport, use a taxi, or hire a limousine. If you are not restricted by time, there are more economical options such as the metro and metrobus. If you are staying at a hotel within the vicinity of the airport, you can easily reach the airport by using a shuttle bus provided by the hotel.

Shuttle Service / Minivan / Limousine

Many private companies have agreements with the airport that allows them to offer door-to-door transportation services. The shuttle services are either provided by car, minivan, or limousine. Ask your hotel for assistance on gathering contact details and regarding reservations. These alternatives may be costlier, but they are definitely the most comfortable form of transportation to the airport.

Car Rental

You can plan a comfortable trip by renting a vehicle from one of the car rental agencies in Buffalo city centre. You also have the option of returning your vehicle at the airport. To reach the airport from the city centre with your rented vehicle, you should drive through New York State Route 33 E (NY-33 E). In normal traffic conditions, it takes less than 20 minutes to get from the city centre to the airport.


It is possible to get to the airport by taking metro line 204 from the city centre. The line operates during weekdays. It departs every 30 minutes, and the journey lasts 30 minutes in total. A one-way adult ticket costs 2.5 dollars.


The metrobus line 24 connects the city centre to the airport. It is the cheapest mode of transportation to the airport, with a one-way ticket costing 2 dollars. The duration of the journey lasts 43 minutes.

Hotel Shuttle Service

Accommodation options within the proximity of the airport offers airport transportation services. Hotels can either provide this service free of charge or add the fee to your accommodation cost. Contact your hotel representative in advance for a more convenient and fast journey to the airport.

Airport Information

Located 11 miles east from Buffalo city centre, the airport welcomes nearly 5 million passengers each year. You can have a pleasant time thanks to the approximately 20 stores, cafes and restaurants available at the airport. Visit the 'Visitor Center' desk to find out more detailed information about the city of Buffalo. The leaflets provide information about important points of the city, as well as a list of activities that you can participate in.  The airport also has a pet relief area and a games room for children. You can also find very good hotels within the vicinity of the airport.

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