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Buk is located in Vas, very close to the Austuria border. Buk is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Hungary. The main reason for this popularity is the fame of the spa and thermal spring centers in this city.

During petroleum exploration works in Bulk in 1957, a geyser was found, which started a new era in Bulk. Over the years, hotels, camping sites and boutique pensions started to be built around these baths and hot springs, and Buk became a touristic spot. The Recreation Park in Buk is the 2nd biggest thermal bath of Hungary. Also, Danubis Health Spa Resort and Greenfield Hotel Golf&Spa are among the haunts of the tourists.

Arpad Church built in a gothic style in the 13th century has undergone some restaurations over the years and restructured in baroque style. You can made a daily tour to this beautiful structure.

In Buk, you can find some European, Italian cuisine as well apart from the Hungarian traditional cuisine. The ideal period for visiting Buk is spring and autumn seasons. You can plan a trip to Buk during these seasons, e.g. from March to the beginning of June or from September to November.

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