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About Celaya

Celaya, which is located in the Guanajuato region of Mexico, is the third popular city of the region. The city, which has a population of approximately 310 thousand people according to the data of 2005, is located in the middle as its geographical location, but it also covers many small rural areas such as San Miguel Octopan, Rincon de Tamayo and San Juan la Vega. The city is known for the production of the cajeta, which is a type of milk sugar, by artisans.

Since 2007, flights have been organized to Santiego de Queretero from Celaya Airport in the city, and from here, you can travel to other countries. There is also the Pan American Highway known as the Mexican Federal Highway throughout the city. The symbol of Celaya, which was a frontier region between the Purépecha and the Chichimecas in the history, is the water tower called Ball of Water, which has been the source of water to the city center since 1908. There are many universities in the city where education is seen important, such as Universidad de Itesba and Universidad Latina de Mexico.

The city also has a football team called Celaya Club since the 1950s. Although the region has a hot climate throughout the year, the average temperature is around 30 degrees in the summer months and around 24 degrees in the winter months. The amount of precipitation increases in the period between June and September.