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Columbia, which is the capital of the state of South Carolina of the United States of America, is also the largest city of this state. Columbia, which is an important city of the American history, declared its independence after Abraham Lincoln was elected as president and was effective in the outbreak of the American civil war.

The city has approximately 130 thousand inhabitants. South Carolina University, which is one of the most famous universities of America, is also in this city. The university has a large and historical campus. Museum of Art and Archeology, Shelter Garden, Stephens Lake, Shryocks Callaway Farm House and PS Gallery are among the places to visit in the city. Columbia has a mild climate. It receives rainfall all the year round. Since it is a small city, it is easy to discover many points of it. You can evaluate one of the options such as bus, taxi or car rental to reach the city center from Columbia Airport.

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