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About Dakar

Senegal's capital, Dakar, is a city located on the western coast of Africa. Dakar, which was the capital of French West Africa for many years, is a city where you can still see French colonial influence in the architecture and street layout, and is famous for its
world-famous "Paris-Dakar" off-road rally.  
In Dakar places such as Presidential Building, Independence Square, Soweto Area, Medina, Grand Mosque, African Recollection Cathedral, Goree Island, Slaves House Museum, Parliament Building, "Pink Lake" (which gets its name from the minerals which gives the water that unique color) and the Fish Market may be visited. Goree Island, which was once an important center of the global slave trade, will affect you more than the other historic buildings. 
In Dakar the tropical weather is hot and humid. In winter it does not rain too much. Temperatures are less severe than in the summer. The temperature average in winter is around 26-27 degrees Celsius, versus 30-33 degrees in the summer. The city offers lots of opportunities to eat both French and African cuisine. Credit cards and debit cards are widely used, but it is recommended to use a taxi for transportation. 


Transportation to Dakar City Center from Airport


Leopold Sedar Senghor Intl. Airport

Dakar, located on the Cap Vert Peninsula in West Africa and the capital of the Senegal Republic, is one of the most densely populated cities not only of the Senegal Republic, but the entire African continent. The city, home to one of Africa's most important ports, is a hub for maritime trade and transportation in Africa. With these features, Dakar is Senegal's most important economic and cultural city.

The city, which is the last stop of the world famous Lisbon - Dakar Rally, attracts many visitors every year for this reason. The beautiful coastline and vibrant nightlife also make Dakar interesting. French as well as the local language is spoken in the country, which has long been under French rule.

Public transport is generally provided by buses in Dakar, where there is no underground transport system such as metro and tram in the city center. Although the vehicles are not very comfortable and new, there is a very widespread transportation network by which you can go to both the city center and the surrounding cities. Taxis are an alternative of safe and convenient transportation in the city center. The most important thing to note about taxi is that there is no taximeter or similar implement in the vehicles. For this reason, you should definitely tell the place you are going to go, and ask for the fare before you take the taxi. You definitely should not forget to negotiate. On average you can try to negotiate half of the price given to you. Car rental is also quite common in the city. As public transport is very old and crowded, and taxis need constant negotiation, many visitors prefer to make their journey more comfortable by renting a car.

You can go to the Mali Federation with the Dakar-Bamako railway line, which is a great contributor to the city's commercial viability. But you should not forget that there may be delays in the train service and that the wagons are very crowded. You can reach the Goree Island, on the openings of Dakar, for an average of 5000 CFA Francs by boats departing every day. Colonialism spread from the island as Portugal has started trading on this island which is accepted as the starting point of slave trade today. The airport is 11 kilometers from the city. After exiting the airport, you can reach the city center via a fairly straight road following the Route de l'Aeroport.

You can use buses as a means of public transport or you can use taxi or private shuttle service for more comfortable transportation. In addition, some hotels have airport shuttle services. Car rental is the most preferred choice for many Dakar visitors who want to have a private transport vehicle during their visit.

Airport Shuttle Service

The airport has shuttle services; you have to pay a fee for this service. Unlike what you are used to, these services work with car rental logic. The shuttle picks you up right in front of the airport and takes you to your final destination. However, it is necessary to make reservation at least 2 days in advance to benefit from these services. If you are traveling alone or in groups, you can benefit from this service, which will require you to pay a little more.


In Dakar, it is possible to reach the city center from the airport by bus which is the pioneer of public transportation. You can reach the city center by taking the bus number 8, which is departing just from in front of the airport exit gate. The bus operates between 06:00 and 21:00.

Hotel Shuttle

Some hotels in Dakar offer airport shuttle service to their customers. If your hotel has airport shuttle service, you can request this service in advance. So, right after the baggage delivery, you can have a very comfortable and fast transportation vehicle that will meet you with a banner with your name and that will leave you to the door of your hotel.


Taxis are very popular for transportation in Dakar. Cars used as taxis are generally old-fashioned vehicles. But if you make a good bargain, you can reach the city center in half an hour at a very convenient price. You should agree with the driver about the fare before you board.

Car Rental

Car rental is the most preferred alternative in Dakar. There is a wide selection of car rental options from economical cars to luxurious ones at the airport. You can rent a car with or without driver. It is also very easy and convenient to travel by private car in the city, so you can have a comfortable transportation vehicle throughout your visit by agreeing with one of the car rental offices at the airport. You can reach the center of Dakar in half an hour by following the Route de l'Aeroport. The road is about 17 kilometers.

Weather in Dakar

DayMin - Max
SundayMin 26ºC - Max 30ºC
MondayMin 27ºC - Max 32ºC
TuesdayMin 27ºC - Max 30ºC
WednesdayMin 26ºC - Max 28ºC
ThursdayMin 26ºC - Max 30ºC

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