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About Detroit

Detroit is famous among Americans for being the production point of major U.S car brands, such as General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. It is the 11th largest city in the United States with 4.5 million inhabitants. However, Detroit has been in the news lately for a different reason : it was one of the centers of the recent economic and some districts in the city resemble ghost towns, almost completely abandoned. 
Detroit, which is also the capital of the state of Michigan was established in 1701 by the French. In Detroit places such as Institute of Arts, History Museum, the Guardian Building, Comerica Park, St. Mary's Church, the Science Museum, the Zoo and the Opera House may be visited. Interesting neighboorhoods of the city include the Mexican Neighborhood, Greek Neighborhood and Indian Village founded by immigrants from other countries.
Because Detroit is a city that attracts attention with industrial production, it does not offer too many choices as a tourist. It rains every season and the winters are also harsh in Detroit. Even from time to time ice precipitation is seen. Summers are also cool. However it receives the least amount of rain between June-July. If you have time, you can stop at Niagara Falls. This place is situated on Canada's border and is arguably the world's most famous waterfall, surrounded by a natural park.