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About East Hartford

East Hartford, located in the north-east of the United States of America, is one of the small settlements in the state with its population of about 50 thousand people. Situated on the Connecticut River, East Hartford lies close to the settlements such as Hockanum and Burnside.

East Hartford, which has developed and expanded with the arrival of the European settlers, is now considered one the major trade centers in the region. Temperate climate is effective throughout the year in the town. The summers are slightly cooler compared to other parts of the country. However, freezing cold can be experienced in the area, especially in the winter months. If you prefer to visit East Hartford in spring and summer months, that will be a much more accurate choice for you to ravel around and explore the town and its surroundings in a more comfortable way.

Although the town does not offer rich and various options in terms of historical and tourist attractions especially for foreigners, the surrounding green areas and natural beauties are especially worth seeing. East Hartford also hosts the headquarters of some big companies like Pratt & Whitney. Companies like Coca Cola and Bank of America also offer job opportunities for many residents in the town. If you like, you can go from East Hartford to New York or the capital Washington DC, which are the largest and most popular cities of the United States of America, and explore these places.

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