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About Fort Myers

Located in southwest Florida near the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Myers is one of the most important tourist areas of the famous resort area. The sandy beaches along the coast welcome many visitors every year. The weather is usually warm year-round, with lows of 13-14 degrees. In the summers the temperature increases with highs of 30 degrees or more. Fort Myers offers a rich variety of eating and drinking options with fish and seafood being particularly popular. The cafes and restaurants are generally located along the coast and open late. The city gets particularly busy in the summers so these venues usually feature live music in the evenings.

This wonderful city is a holiday paradise where you can enjoy daylong boat tours, swim and sunbath on the beach, or play golf on the wonderful courses nearby. When it comes to transportation private cars and taxis are usually preferred as there is little to no public transportation. Therefore, we recommend arranging a rental car before arriving to the city.