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Dornbirn, Austria's largest city in the Vorarlberg district, has a population of about 46 thousand people. You can go to Scouts Place in Zanzenberg to do a walking tour of the city. Famous for its commercial life and shopping centers, the city has many shopping malls to visit. Hot summer nights can be spent in market places established in the city center.

For alternative music lovers, weekend concerts are held at Grüne Pavillion and Central Square. There are many museums worth seeing in the Rohrbach district, where there are many cultural events. There is a Marktplatz restaurant in the city where you can eat Sushi. Settled around a mountain on the top of the city, Karren panorama restaurant offers a fine view of fine cuisine.

As places where you can spend time drinking something; Tivoli Bar, Anzieh Bar and Klappe 2. There is a small Friedrichshafen Airport in the city. From there you can go to Dublin, London, Berlin and Prague. The second alternative is Memmingen Airport.