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About Kahului

Kahlului is located in the north of Maui, which is one of the Hawaii Islands of the United States of America. Having a population of approximately 27 thousand people, Kahlului hosts the largest and busiest airport on the island. The places such as Kanaha Beach Country Park, Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Park and Maui Arts and Cultural Center stand out among the important attractions that can be visited in Kahlului, which is not a very popular tourist destination compared to other places on the island. The Maui Nui Botanical Gardens are one of the places that must be visited by the travelers who are especially interested in different kinds of plants.

In Kahlului, where temperature differences do not reach very high levels throughout the year, the temperature is usually measured between 17-32 degrees. The "dog days" in the city are effective from time to time in the summer months. However, a temperate climate is generally effective during the year and this makes the region suitable for every period of the year to go on a holiday. Just as in Hawaii, you can taste the delicious fishes which are served with many different ways of cooking in Kahlului. Ice-cream and frozen yogurt are among the great alternatives to cool off in the hot air in the city. You can see tropical fruits almost everywhere ranging from fruit salads to the meals.

Kahlului is also rich in activities to be done in the vicinity. You can sunbathe on the beaches near the ocean, or you can dive and explore the mysterious world of oceans. You can see the environment in a helicopter by flying through the sky, or you can challenge the waves by surfing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Kahului?

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Kahului flights are organized to Kahului Airport.