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About Kirov

Kirov is a city in Kirov Oblast in the Volga Federal District in Russia. It is also the administrative center of Kirov Oblast. The city situated on the Vyatka River has a population of approximately 500 thousand people. In the city, Pobedilovo Airport offers service. You can reach the city center from the airport by taxi. It is close to Moscow.

In the city, winters are cold and snowy. Summers are short and aren’t too hot. We can say that the best time to visit the city is summer and spring months.

The important places to visit in the city are Holy Uspensky Trifonov Monastery, Paleontology Museum, Alexander Garden, University building, Dymkovskaya Toy Museum, Monument Family, Dendrologic Park, Botanical Garden, Theater Building, Old Bridge, Diorama Museum and Alexander Green Museum. The heart of the city beats on Spasskaya Street. Stores, cafes and restaurants are usually on this street. Since Cyrillic alphabet is used in Russia, you may have some difficulty about the signs.

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