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About Kos Intl. Airport

Hippocrates Airport provides air transportation to the island of Kos, which is one of the most popular holiday resorts in the world and has been serving passengers since 1964. The airport was named after the famous physician Hippocrates, who was referred to as the father of medicine and was born in Kos. Due to the airport runway not being long enough, in 1974, renovation works were carried out and the runway was extended. A new terminal building was built at the airport in 1980 due to the significantly increased traffic at Hippocrates Airport. In 1997, renovation work was carried out in the terminal building and service areas of the airport. In 2015 it was decided by Greek officials to privatise the airport, so the operations were transfered to a private company for 40 years. Two million passengers travel annually from Hippocrates Airport. The airport's main destinations include European cities such as Manchester, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels and Rome.

Getting to the City Center from Kos Intl. Airport

Ippokratis Airport, located 23 kilometers from the city center of Kos Island, which carries significant tourism potential among the islands connected to Greece, is inundated with tourists, especially in the summer months. Passengers arriving at the airport must take a taxi, bus or rent a car to reach the city center.


Vehicles belonging to Radiotaxi, which is allowed to carry passengers by airport authorities, are waiting for 24 hours in front of and around the terminal building. You should note that there are Radiotaxi logos in the taxis to be used for transportation, and you may find it helpful to learn about the fare that you will pay for the area you are going to in advance.


You can go to the city center between 40 minutes and 1 hour depending on the intensity of the traffic with the buses moving at certain intervals from the bus stops located 5 minutes’ walk to the terminal building. You can pay in cash in buses which are the most economical transportation alternative.

Car Rental

Budget, Hertz, Avis and Kos Car Hire companies with offices in Ippokratis Airport terminals can be visited to rent a day during the day. Renting a car for those who will stay in the city for a long time can be a more economical solution to the transportation problem given that the taxi is expensive.

Last Updated: 27 Apr 2017
Getting to Kos Intl. Airport from the City Center

Kos is a crowded island especially in summer although it is small in terms of surface area. A 24-hour taxi service can be used to get to Ippokratis Airport which is the only airport in the island. In addition, private cars can be rented from car rental companies by those looking for alternative means of transportation.


Taxis, that operate continuously all day in order to ensure transportation is available in Kos’ endless energy, can take you to Ippsokratis Airport within 30 minutes from the city center.

Car Rental

In order to rent a car from Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Kos Car Hire companies which have a heavy demand especially in spring and summer, it is necessary to make reservation via internet or telephone in advance. You can take back the deposit by delivering the rental cars to the officials at the airport.

Airport Information

Ippokratis Airport, which serves Kos Island, has two passenger terminals. There is a police station in the airport in order to ensure safety at these terminals, and a first aid team to be able to intervene immediately in health problems. Passengers wishing to meet their eating and drinking needs can benefit from the restaurant or four different bars serving between April and October. KAE duty free store allows you to shop among items such as souvenirs, cosmetics and jewelry. In addition, passengers who use VIP lounge rooms can benefit from many VIP-specific services.

Last Updated: 26 Apr 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flight prices to Kos Intl. Airport?

When you search for flights to Kos Intl. Airport, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can depart from. For the date you are looking for, you can see all the flights arriving at Kos Intl. Airport together and you can choose the most suitable flight.

Which are the alternative airports to Kos Intl. Airport?

You can use Astypalaia Island National Airport as an alternative to Kos Intl. Airport.

Which airlines fly to Kos Intl. Airport?

Aegean Airlines fly to Kos Intl. Airport.

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