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Lapta, which is mentioned as the city of treasures and also known as Lapithos, is located in the west of Kyrenia. Lapta is a center of attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists with its historical texture and natural beauties. Lapta, whose population triples during the summer season, offers a great atmosphere especially for summer vacationers with its casinos, water sports, taverns and wonderful beaches.

Lapta's old village and its surrounding rising above the mountains are fascinating with mountain and sea views. If you visit this area, you can discover the historical and natural beauties of Lapta. You can visit the Hilarion Castle built on the Kyrenia Mountain Range for protection against possible attacks from Arabs. It may be a little challenging to reach the top of the castle, which is fascinating with its magnificent view; but once you reach the top, you will realize that it is worth it. After reaching the top, you can take amazing photos.

Although the establishment date of Lapta, which is historically one of the richest and most interesting regions of Cyprus, is not known exactly, it is thought that it was founded by the Achaeans, who returned from the Trojan War around 1200 BC, and that it remained under the influence of Byzantine, Lusignan, Venice and Ottoman civilizations throughout history. There are many places to visit in Lapta if you want to go on a historical tour. You can see the street fountains and pools made by the Elizabeth II after becoming the queen.

By visiting Hikmet Uluçam House, you can witness the rare and endemic species specific to Cyprus. In this house, where you can visit by making a reservation in advance, you can feel as if you have entered into an oasis. If you love green areas, Green Heights may be your other choice in Lapta. You can spend a wonderful day in this botanical garden that removes the barren image of Cyprus. Another activity that comes to the forefront when you want to enjoy the natural beauties is to go for a nature walk on Lapta-Başpınar walking track. You can take great photos along this very enjoyable and safe walking track.

In Lapta, you can try delicious tastes from the Cypriot cuisine. In this delicious cuisine, you should definitely try special tastes such as Kleftiko (slow-cooked lamb kebab), stifado (rabbit stew), fresh seafood and appetizers. The best time to visit Lapta is during the spring and summer months. If you want to visit this place in a calm season, you can enjoy the sun in the spring season. In this season, you can travel and accommodate at more affordable prices.

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