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About Memphis

Memphis, which is located in the Tennessee state in the southeast of the United States, is the center of the Shelby County. According to the data of 2012, the city has a population of about 665 thousand people. Memphis is the biggest city of the state of Tennessee.

The city, which is also known as the city where Elvis Presley lived in his youth, is the twentieth biggest city of the USA. In the city, which also includes Mississippi and Arkansas, black and African Americans constitute the majority of the population while the minority includes white race, Latin, Asian and native Americans. In this city, where people from various religions like Baptism, Catholicism, Episcopalism, Methodism, Presbyterianism and Christianism live, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims have been living since 2009.

Transportation to Memphis City Center from Airport


Memphis Intl. Airport

Memphis International Airport provides transportation alternatives in line with the different expectations and needs of its passengers. The car rental offices offering service at the airport are among the most preferred options by the passengers travelling to the city center and other destinations. It is not difficult to find a taxi at the airport even if your flight is at a late hour. If you prefer a travel with a limousine which is a quite common and highly enjoyable transportation option throughout the United States, you can rent a limousine before leaving the airport and travel to the city center with your private driver in a comfortable and fast way.

If you are looking for a transportation alternative that will not cost overrun while travelling to the city center, you have the opportunity to travel to the city center by using the buses that depart from the stops located near the terminal. You can also get on a shuttle from Memphis International Airport for travelling to the city center. These shuttles are generally preferred by the visitors travelling as crowded groups rather than one person. In addition to all these transportation alternatives, there are also applications like Uber and Lyft that you can download on your mobile phone and call a vehicle for you. You can select one of these alternatives and take the road to the city center in a comfortable and fast way.

Car Rental

Car rental is among the most preferred transportation alternatives for travelling to the city center or nearby towns from Memphis International Airport. It is possible to reach your destination in a short time by renting a car. Since the gasoline prices are generally low in the country and travelling by using the means of public transportation can be a little challenging later in the day, car rental comes to the forefront as one of the most ideal options. Alamo, which is among the companies where you can rent a car before leaving the airport, offers service for Memphis passengers. You can get in contact with this company by calling 888-826-6893. You can call 901-396-3736 for Enterprise, 901-346-6129 for AVIS and 901-332-2222 for Budget. You can also make a reservation by calling 877-222-9058 for National Car Rental, 901-345-5680 for Hertz, 866-434-2226 for Dollar, 901-346-4781 for Payless and 877-283-0898 for Thrifty.


You can travel to the city center by finding a taxi at any hour of the day at the exit doors of Memphis International Airport terminals. There is a taximeter in Memphis taxis and the fare is determined according to this. However, if you will travel to a farther destination in the city, you can reduce your transportation cost by talking to the driver in advance. You may need to pay the fare in cash. For this reason, you can withdraw money before leaving the airport if you don’t have the local currency with you. There are ATMs at the airport that you can use for your banking transactions. You need to give tip to the driver. You can add 10-15% of the fare as tip.

Limousine Rental

In the Unites States, limousines are among the most commonly used vehicles by the local and foreign visitors. You can travel to the city center from the airport by using a limousine. First Class Limos, Premier Transportation, Tennessee Limousine Service and T-Star Limos offer limousine rental services for the passengers of the airport. If you make a reservation in advance by contacting one of these companies, you can receive your vehicle in a short time and take the road to the city center in a comfortable way. You can make a reservation by calling 901-577-7700 for Premier Transportation. If you want to make a reservation from Tennessee Limousine Service, you can call 901-452-6207. You can also call 901-853-5466 for T-Star Limos. After selecting one of these companies, you can take the road to the city center in a fast and comfortable way.

Uber and Lyft

You can complete your travel between the airport and city center by using the Uber and Lyft systems, which are commonly used in many countries particularly the United States of America. The amount you need to pay for these systems is higher compared to taxi, shuttle and bus. However, since these vehicles offer a faster, more comfortable and more privileged travel to the passengers, they are frequently preferred by the passengers travelling between these two locations. If you are planning to travel to the city by using one of these vehicles, you need to download these applications on your mobile phone. In this way, you call a vehicle when you land at the airport without losing time.

Hotel Shuttle

Some hotels in the city offer shuttle service for their guests in order to provide them with comfortable and easy transportation. Comfort Suites, Airport Inn, Fairfield Inn, Double Tree, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express, Marriott East and Hotel Memphis are among the hotels that you reach by getting on an airport shuttle from the airport. If you will stay at one of these hotels in the city, don’t forget to get information about these shuttles before your travel. When you make a reservation for a hotel shuttle, you can find your vehicle at the exits of the airport terminals after landing at the airport. You can also stand ready for the shuttles departing at certain intervals.

Private Shuttle

Private shuttles are among the fast, reliable and enjoyable transportation alternatives for passengers. You can travel to Memphis city center by selecting a private shuttle company offering airport shuttle service in the city. You can call 901-345-4700 for Signature Flight Support. You can also call 901-345-2992 for Wilson Air Center which is among the other alternatives. After contacting one of these companies, you can travel to the city center from the airport in a fast and comfortable way.


You can have a fast and budget-friendly travel to the city center by getting on a bus from the bus stops located near the exit doors of Memphis Airport. The bus route 2 departing every 25 minutes carries passengers to the regions like Midtown, Medical District and Downtown. The bus route which starts operating at early hours of the morning carries passengers until evening hours. You can also get to the city center from the airport by using these buses on Saturdays but they operate at less frequent intervals. On Sundays, you don’t have a chance to travel to the city center by using the bus route 2. If you will land at the airport on Sunday, you can evaluate other alternatives like taxi, car rental or shuttle. The bus route, which is the second bus alternative departing from the airport, carries passengers on the routes LeMoyne, Owen College and Downtown. This bus route departs a little later in the morning but offers service until the late hours.

Weather in Memphis

DayMin - Max
SaturdayMin 23ºC - Max 35ºC
SundayMin 24ºC - Max 36ºC
MondayMin 25ºC - Max 38ºC
TuesdayMin 27ºC - Max 37ºC
WednesdayMin 23ºC - Max 36ºC

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