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About Murmansk

Murmansk is located in the northwest of Russia, close to the Barent Sea. It is located in the east of Kola Bay and the city has a population of approximately 320 thousand people. Murmansk port is within the city's borders and is the most important trade center of ​​Russia, opening up to the Atlantic Ocean. In the city center, the climate and temperature differ considerably according to the seasons and the air temperature drops below zero in some months. In the city of Murmansk, heavy snowfall can occur and the most precipitation occurs in September and March.

Many areas of the city are suitable for winter sports. In the city of Murmansk, where cultural texture and architectural structure are intertwined, buildings such as these must be visited; Regional Puppet Theater, Murmansk Oceanarium, Monument to Waiting Woman, Church of the Savior on Waters, Monument to the 6th Heroic Komsomol Battery, Anatoly Bredov Monument and All Saints Church. Apart from dishes cooked with vegetables and menus created with mainly pork, various cultural tastes are also found in businesses in the city center. The soups which are made with all sorts of different ingredients attract the attention of local people and tourists visiting the city. Italian, Chinese and German restaurants are also common throughout the city. Local dishes and homemade vodka are found in every business in the city of Murmansk.

Same as in other cities in Russia, night life is energetic and colourful in the city. The traces of a quite expensive nightlife are seen in Murmansk and entertainment continues until the early hours of the morning. And also, different activities and shows are shown to the participants all night long. Murmansk Airport is located in an important strategic location and has an important place in transportation to the city of Murmansk.

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