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About Novgorod

Novgorod, Russia's fourth largest city, means "big new city" in Russian. The city lies along the Volkhov River on the shores of Lake Ilmen. This city, which has a population of 218,717 according to the estimates of the year 2010, is displayed in the World Heritage List with its numerous historical artifacts. The most beautiful places to see in the city include Kremlin Square, Russia Millennium Monument, St. Petersburg Sophia Cathedral, Fine Arts Museum, Wooden Architecture Museum, Sennaye Square, and Sofisykaya Square. There are many restaurants in Novgorod that offer tastes from Russian cuisine.

In the city, Hotel Limouisine, Apartments on Zavokzalyana, Phan Thiet Apartments and Hotel Voyage are among the best accomodation options. The Yurievo and Krechevitsy airports  have not operated regular flights since the 1990s. The nearest airport one can use to reach the city is Şehre. Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg is also an option, located 180 kilometers away from the city. The city experiences  four seasons, with heavy snowfall in winter, and has a vibrant nightlife.


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