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About Pamplona

Pamplona, which is known as the capital of Navarre Province, is located in the northern part of Spain. In the city, which has a very green and clean view compared to other European countries and Spanish cities, there are many parks running parallel along the Arga River. Pamplona is under the influence of the tropical climate thanks to the effect of its geographical location. A significant rainfall is observed in the city. Even in the driest seasons, the amount of precipitation is very high. In addition, the average annual temperature of the city is about 27.5 degrees while the average annual precipitation is about 1836 mm. The city, which comes to the forefront with its city square remaining from the middle ages, museums, castles and rich cuisine, also offers many activities for its visitors.

Iglesia de San Saturnino Cathedral, Iglesia de San Nicolas Cathedral, Monumento al Encierro, Pamplona Cathedral, Navarra Museum and Pamplonetario are among the most important historical places to visit in the city. Pamplona is a university city. For this reason, the nightlife in the city is very lively and entertaining. San Fermin Festival, which is popular in the world and where people run with the bulls, is held in Pamplona from July 6 to 14 every year. Millions of tourists come to this festival and they spend very enjoyable time. Spanish cuisine is dominant in many parts of the city. It is especially famous for its traditional alternatives called Tapas. In addition, in the city, which is included in the Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil dishes and seafood are among the most common alternatives. Pamplona Airport, which supports the majority of the transportation network, is located in the city center.