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Getting to the City Center from Beauvais Tille Airport

Beauvais Tille Airport is located 85 km from Paris, in Tille, close to the city of Beauvais. There are many public transportation methods available to get from Beauvais Tille Airport and Paris’s city center.

From the Beauvais train station, located just 4 km from the airport, you can take the train to Paris or choose the airport bus option, which is faster. In addition, you can also get to Paris using a taxi or rental car.


There is no train that stop at the airport but the Beauvais train station is only 4 km away. The train is a great way to get to Paris. From this train station, which is only 4 km from Beauvais Tille Airport, you can take the train to the city. The train to Paris stops in Gare du Nord, Amiens, and other central locations. First, you need to take a taxi or get on a bus to the train station. If you take a taxi it takes about 15 minutes.

After you get to the train station, get on the Paris Gare du Nord train. The train takes about 1 hour, providing visitors with a quick and economical way to get from Beauvais Tille Airport to the city. The buses between Beauvais Tille Airport and the Beauvais train station are more affordable. The bus fare has been the same since 2014; a single ticket costs 4 euros. You can buy your ticket from the bus driver. The bus to the train station takes about 30-45 minutes. A ticket for the Paris Gare du Nord train costs 15 euros. You can buy a ticket at the station, online, or at the automatic kiosks at the airport. If you buy your ticket online your ticket will be mailed to your address or you can pick it up at the station.


There are bus stops located at the terminal exit of Beauvais Tille Airport that are very easy to find. Buses, operating under the Beauvais Tille Airport, take off from these stops and go directly to Paris and the city center in Beauvais. The last stop for the buses that go directly to Paris is Porte Maillot, which is where the Paris Metro Station is located. These buses provide cheap, quick, and direct transportation between Porte Maillot and Beauvais Tille Airport, providing passengers with a convenient service. These buses to Paris take off 20 minutes after each flight lands at Beauvais Tille Airport.

From 2014-2016 the price of a single ticket for the Paris-Beauvais Tille Airport bus has been 17 euros. If you purchase this ticket online it can be as cheap as 15.90 euros. Children under the age of 3 travel for free.

If you didn’t buy your ticket online you can purchase it at ticket sales locations at the arrivals terminal or from automatic kiosks. However at these locations you can only use cash to buy your ticket. For online sales they do accept credit cards. There are smaller commuter buses that provide transportation between the airport and the Beauvais city center.

Taxi and Shuttle

There are private shuttle vehicles, operating under the Beauvias Tille Airport, which provide direct transportation to the Beauvais city center. These vehicles also provide transportation to the Beauvais train station. These buses operate 8 times a day. The shuttle fleet is quite extensive; available vehicles include minibuses, buses, and taxi-sized shuttles. Using these buses you can get directly to Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Disneyland, and other nearby areas.

These shuttle vehicles are a bit more expensive compared to normal buses but they’re ideal if you’re traveling in a group because you can split the cost.

When you exit the airport terminal you will see a taxi stand. Taking a taxi from Beauvais Tille Airport to Paris will cost around 100-160 euros. This fare can vary depending on the time of day you travel (there is a difference between the daytime fare and nighttime fare), the traffic, and distance to your destination in the city.

Rental Cars

In a country like France, which has many cheap, fast, modern, and luxurious modes of public transportation we wouldn’t recommend renting a car. Especially if your final destination is Paris where parking is a hassle and traffic can be exceptionally bad. Trying to get from Beauvais Tille Airport to Paris during rush hour can take hours. If you are planning a long stay and don’t want to use public transportation you can get more information about renting a car from the rental car companies located within Beauvais Tille Airport.

Last Updated: April 18, 2019
Getting to Beauvais Tille Airport from the City Center

Located 85 km from the city center, the Beauvais Tille Airport is easily accessible. All you have to do is get on metro line 1 in the city center and take it to the Porte Maillot station. Then go to the “Boulevord Pershing” bus station across from the Paris Convention Center. You can choose among a variety of transportation methods, like the train, Beauvais Airport shuttle buses, or taxis, according to how much time you have available and your budget.

You can use public transportation methods by purchasing a Navigo Card (for Zone 1 & 2) or a Paris Visite Card (for Zone 1 & 3), which is geared more towards tourists.


Operating as part of France’s national railway company, the Paris Gare du Nord-Beauvais provides transportation to and from the city center and the airport; the trip takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. You board the train in Paris and get off at the Beauvais SNCF station. From there the airport is a taxi or bus ride away. It is a more economical way to reach the airport while avoiding Paris traffic.

Also referred to as the regional express train, the Beauvais trains provide transportation between Paris Gare du Nord and the Beauvais train station, located 4 km from the airport. After you get to the Beauvais train station from Paris you can take a taxi for a certain fee. This 15-minute taxi ride is 13 euros from 7 am and 7 pm. This price increases after 7 pm and on Sundays.


Operating under the Beauvais Tille Airport, these buses are the most convenient, fast, and economical means of transportation. There are various places in Paris that sell bus tickets and you can also use the online booking option and make your reservation in advance. Exit the Porte Maillot station in direction of Neuilly (Paris Convention Center), there you will see a large bus station across the street. If you haven’t already purchased your ticket online you can do so at the kiosks within the station. If the station is closed you can buy a ticket from the bus driver. We recommend arrival at least 3 hours and 15 minutes before your flight.  

Taxi and Shuttle

Taking a taxi to the Beauvais Tille Airport from the Paris metro station or nearby areas costs around 100-120 euros and takes about 1-1.5 hours. The night fare increases this price to 140-160 euros.

There are also private shuttle services that offer transportation between Paris and Beauvais Tille Airport. The most popular company is Supershuttle. For more detailed information on prices and booking online go to www. Once you land at Beauvais Tille Airport you can get more information from the information desk located in Terminal 1.

Rental Cars

There are car rental agencies located in almost every part of the city. But if you rent a car at the airport this could be an advantage and save you time when dropping your car back off at the airport. There are 3 highways that connect Paris and Beauvais Tille Airport.

Using the A16 autoroute you can reach the airport in 1 hour and 32 minutes, connecting to the A3 autoroute from the A16 makes the trip a bit longer, totaling 1 hour and 43 minutes, and the A1 autoroute takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Airport Information

Beauvais Tille Airport is located in Tille, 3.5 km northeast of the city of Beauvais. In 2015 Beauvais Tille Airport handled about 4.5 million passengers. The airport is generally used for charter flights and by low-cost airlines.  

Located about 85 km northwest of Paris, Beauvais Tille Airport is neither too big nor too small. Thanks to the advanced and modern public transportation system, reaching Paris from this airport is relatively easy and inexpensive. The airport contains 2 terminals. The terminal buildings are closed between 11:30 pm and 6:30 am, so if you’re planning a layover in the middle of the night we suggest considering other alternatives.

The terminal building contains several restaurants, markets where you can find snacks, eating and drinking areas, souvenir shops where you can go shopping, free internet access, a smoking area, tourist information offices, and more. Major airlines that fly to this airport include Ryanair, Sterling, Blue Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Wizzair.

Last Updated: June 10, 2019
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