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About Pitesti

Pitesti, the capital and largest city in the Arges region of Romania, means ‘hidden’ because of its hidden position among the hills. This city on the banks of the Arges River is approximately 100 kilometers from the capital Bucharest.

Pitesti, whose oldest history dates back to the Paleolithic Age and which was a trade city located between Transylvania and the Danube Plain in the Middle Ages, today is a city where automotive, wood and metal are produced. The fact that it is an intersection for important transportation routes and has a mild climate is also the reason of its popularity as one of the most known, most visited places in the city. Near the city, where Romania's largest petrochemical plant takes place, the country's largest automobile factory (Renault Dacia) is located.

The liveliest time of the city, which is also known as ‘Tulip City’, is the spring months when tulips bloom. At the ‘The Tulips Symphony’, which is celebrated traditionally every year, you are full of sympathy with flowers and music. The three-day festival celebrations bring people from all over the country together. A view over the city can be seen in the Vidraru Dam on the Arges River. You can also make a picnic around the dam, which is a great source for photographers, thanks to the reflections of the mountains and trees on the water. The Republic Park, Parcul Expo and Pitesti Municipal Park are the other touristic points of the city to visit.

There are neighbor cities worth seeing around Pitesti's interesting route. Curtea de Arges, one of the oldest cities in Romania, is only 30 kilometers away from the city with its famous monastery and the legends of the monastery.

The nearest airport to the city is Craiova Airport, which is 113 kilometers away. You can make the fastest transfer to the city from the airport by renting a car. If you wish, you can also reach bus stops using the shuttle service.

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