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About Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia and also the biggest city of the Baltic region. The city is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Although winters in Riga are quite harsh, snowfall can be a visual amusement. Temperatures in this season vary from 4° to 10°C. In the summers, however, the temperatures vary from 17° to 23°C. Because the winter months are generally cold, tourists prefer to visit during spring and summer months. There are direct flights to Riga with THY and AirBaltic. There are also many charter flights from many cities in Europe. Average flight time from Istanbul to Riga is 3 hours.

You can easily get to the city center from the airport by taxi or busses. The bus services to the city center are quite frequent and this journey takes an average of 30 minutes. Also, for those who want to go to nearby cities like Tallinn and Vilnius, many prefer coach companies like Ecolines and Flybus. As impressive as it is, Riga’s most attention catching building is Blackheads. Located in the city center, around this building takes place a flower festival in the summer months. Apart from this, close to the center are the St. Peter Church and Dome Cathedral, which carry great importance both religiously and architecturally. On the other side of the city center alongside the Daugava River is the Riga Castle and because of the city’s panoramic view, it attracts the attention of many tourists. On the other side of the square, on the riverside of Daugva is the Riga Castle where you can see a panoramic view of the city, attracting many tourists. The freedom memorial named Milda became the symbol of Riga after its independace. 

Riga's most popular streets are Alberta and Elizabetes. These streets have cafés unique to this country and are very busy especially during lunch hours. Riga's most important festival occurs once every four years called The National Song and Folk Dancing. It is possible to come across very colorful scenes during this festival that takes place in July 6-12. 

Transportation to Riga City Center from Airport

Riga Intl Airport

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is not only the largest city of Latvia but also of all Baltic countries. The buildings impressing everyone with the Daugava River and Art Nouveau architecture make Riga spreading on a wide geography indispensable.  

In the city, which has succeeded in gathering trade, education and politics under a single roof, the nightlife is fast enough to deserve the title “Paris of the North”. Trolleybus, tramway and bus as well as taxi provide transportation service in Riga, which is the largest city of the north. There is also a ferryboat enabling transportation from Riga to Stockholm.

Open to international flights, Riga Airport hosts hundreds of thousands of passengers each year. Taxis and car rental services are available 24 hours a day for the transportation to the city center. In addition to the bus service, there is a minibus and a shuttle service which you can use either as a single or as a group.


Two different taxi options are waiting for you at Riga Airport. The feature that separates taxi firms from each other is that Red Cab offers service with red vehicles. You can easily go to any part of the city in 15 minutes by choosing any of these taxis.


Bus route 22 that you can get on at Riga Airport allows you to travel to the city center in about half an hour. Operating hours of the buses that you can get on from the station opposite the terminal building vary between 10 minutes and 30 minutes. Tickets can be purchased from the buffets at the airport or ticket offices at the bus stop.


If you want to go to the city center from the airport using a minibus, you can use the minibus route 241. It is possible to get the ticket from the driver in the minibuses which are the cheapest means of transportation.


If you are traveling as a group, private shuttle buses accepting up to seven passengers are waiting for their passengers at the exit of the terminal building. There is free Wi-Fi in the shuttle buses operating every half an hour between 10:30 am and 07:30 pm.

Car Rental

Those who want to rent a car for their travel can visit many of the prestigious car rental company located at the airport. Avis, Budget, Europcar and Sixt car rental companies, which are the leading car rental companies on the market, offer 24/7 service at the airport.

Last Updated: April 03, 2017