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About Samara

Samara, which is a Russian city on European territory, was built at a place where Volga River joins the Samara River. Samara, the capital city of the Samara Oblast, is one of the largest economic, industrial, commercial and cultural centers in the country. What makes Samara noticeable is its support for Russia's space exploration program; because, the most important institution of Russia for space programs is the Samara State Aerospace University in this city. Situated on the eastern banks of Volga River, Samara had been marked as a port city on the maps of Italian merchants in the 14th century for the first time in its history. In 1586, a castle was built for the security of trade in the city and Samara has grown year by year in terms of trade.

The city was named 'Kuybyshev' between 1935 and 1991. Major factories in the western part of Russia were moved to Samara during the World War II, the time when the city gained great importance as a political, economic and commercial center. History has also noted that Stalin was planning to leave Moscow to the occupiers during the Nazi occupation and proclaim Samara as the temporary capital. Although not officially declared, the city was used as the backup capital city of the country during the war period. Samara also hosts Stalin's secret headquarters which had been built 37 meters below ground just like his working office in the Kremlin.

The city whose commercial importance has been increasing since the end of war period and which has been growing rapidly is today among top 10 developed cities of Russia, especially in terms of oil, gas, automotive, space technology, construction and food sectors. Samara is the most vibrant culture and arts city in the country with festivals, museums, theaters, and ballet and opera events. Klodt Manor House, Jigulyovskoe Brewery, Samarskaya Luka Nnational Park and Volga River are the main tourist attractions in Samara.  The terrestrial climate prevails in the city. Kurumoch International Airport, located in the city, is 35 kilometers north of the city center.

Transportation to Samara City Center from Airport


Kurumoch Intl. Airport

Samara is founded on area where rivers Volga and Samara meet. The vast majority of the population is formed by the Tatars in the city. The city, which has made great strides in recent economic times, quickly becomes one of the industrial centers of Russia, and has the geographical beauty that will amaze the whole world. Exposed to extreme cold in the winter, it is known that Samara turned into a wilderness resembling postcards when the lakes were frozen and the surrounding mountains were covered with snow.

Having the honor of hosting Tolstoy, the presence of opera and ballrooms, in addition to the museum opened in the name of Tolstoy, is also a cultural plus for the city. Samara, which is a very important transportation center for Russia, hosts international Kurumoch Airport. It is possible to reach other important cities of the country via trains and highways. Samara has different alternatives to urban transport. Buses, metro lines, trolley buses and local trains, covering the city, provide transportation for the entire city. From Kurumoch Airport to Samara there are four different alternatives. Minibuses and buses are the most preferred options for passengers. Taxi and car rental options are used in special situations and when other alternatives do not work.


Taxis waiting for passengers 24 hours at the airport only accept cash payments. Depending on the situation of the traffic, the city center can be reached by taxi after a journey of 45 minutes to an hour.


Minibuses that take fewer passengers but faster are popular in Samara. The minibus number 392 operates between 06:15 and 21:00 and departs about every 10 minutes. In minibuses, the fee is paid in cash.


There are two different bus lines at Kurumoch Airport. In order to use special buses with stops in the terminal building, you need to buy tickets from the terminals. Buses that start service at 07:15 depart in short intervals and frequently. You can go to the city center with these buses until 21:45. The bus stop of the municipal buses is 200 meters away from the terminal building. The buses that operate hourly in the early hours of the day and in the evening are departing every two hours at noon.

Car Rental

At Kurumoch Airport, four renowned car rental companies meet the demands of passengers. You can rent a vehicle at discounted prices by contacting the companies in the terminal building or by making a reservation from their internet sites.

Weather in Samara

DayMin - Max
MondayMin 18ºC - Max 26ºC
TuesdayMin 17ºC - Max 20ºC
WednesdayMin 16ºC - Max 24ºC
ThursdayMin 16ºC - Max 23ºC
FridayMin 14ºC - Max 19ºC

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