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About Belbek Airport

Belbek Airport, which is also known as Sevastopol International Airport, offered service as a military airport until 2017. Belbek Airport, which gained the status of being an international airport in 2017 and was opened to both domestic and international flights, is located in the town of Sevastopol in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea region of Ukraine. Belbek Airport is located approximately 5 km away from Sevastopol city center. The bus route 42 and taxis offering service at Belbek Airport take passengers to Sevastopol in about 6-7 minutes.

Getting to the City Center from Belbek Airport

Because of being an important harbor city located on the coast of Black Sea, Sevastopol is a highly developed city in terms of water transportation. Passenger transportation is provided by ferries and boats, but an important part of this transportation is military transportation. In Sevastopol, trolleybus, buses and minibuses are the fundamentals of public transportation. In general, almost all of these public transportation alternatives consist of old model vehicles. While minibuses interconnect the short distances, it is possible to reach rural regions with buses.

The bus ticket fares are quite affordable and you make the payment to the driver. The minibuses also called Marshrutka are cheaper than buses but the amount you will pay changes according to the distance.

Trolleybus is another public transportation vehicle that gives a magic touch to the city. It is commonly used and also affordable. You can visit every corner of Sevastopol by preferring trolleybus. If your goal is only a touristic travel, you can also travel around the city by just walking because all of the buildings to be visited are close to each other. In the city center there are also places you can rent bicycles. In nice weathers, you can discover the city center very easily by bicycle.

Taxis are one of the widely-used transportation vehicles in Sevastopol as they are in every city. Not all taxis are equipped with taximeters. For this reason, you may have to bargain for the fare. A little higher amounts can be offered to foreigners. It is best to discuss the fare beforehand and make the payment at the end of the ride. Fares are not too high. At certain point the Black Sea is kind of dividing Sevastopol into two parts and reaches out into the city. In order to avoid loss of time that will occur because of passing around this bay, ferry schedules are arranged between piers built on the two coasts.

Trains are also important vehicles for Sevastopol. The big train station is one of the most magnificent buildings of Sevastopol. The railway system provides more intercity transportation services than urban transportation. By train you can go to Kiev, Kerch, Feodosia or Odessa. The travel lasts more than 10 hours, but it is a memorable experience thanks to the wonderful scenery it offers. Moreover, the ticket fares are low-cost in comparison with the European standards. Since Sevastopol and Yalta are very close to each other, many visitors add Yalta to the list of places to visit. If you have enough time during your travel and want to visit Yalta, you can take a trolleybus or bus. The trolleybus fare is $2 and this route is considered as the longest trolleybus route in the world with a length of 56 kilometers.

The bus fare is 4 dollars. Taxis can also help you if you have limited time and want a quick ride. You will pay approximately 45 dollars from Sevastopol to Yalta. If you want, you can rent a car and make your travel more comfortable.

Although renting a car is not very common and necessary in Sevastopol, you can see the signs of many car rental companies in the city center. Renting a car can be an easy and comfortable alternative, especially if you plan to make short visits to other nearby cities. In Sevastopol, you have to drive on the right lane and have an international driver's license in order to be able to drive. Although Sevastopol has its own international airport having an international flight certificate, it has suspended its flights due to ongoing political problems in the country. Currently, Kiev, Odessa and Simferopol International Airports are being used as an alternative to the Sevastopol Airport, which will be opened again for civil flights in the near future. Transportation from Kiev and Odessa to Sevastopol is provided by trains and buses. The travel lasts about 10 hours. You can also get to Sevastopol from Simferopol by bus or train. Simferopol is about 2.5 hours away from the city. However, when you travel with car, the ride can take up to 1.5 hours. Therefore, car rental is a very attractive alternative to those who prefer Simferopol International Airport.

You can easily get to the city center from Sevastopol Belbek International Airport by renting a car at the airport. Taxis are also another alternative for a comfortable transportation. If you prefer public transportation, you can get on a bus.


When you go out of the airport, you can see the trolleybus station. Trolleybus route 9 takes passengers to the railway station located in Sevastopol city center.


You can see the taxis waiting in front of the arrival terminal of the airport. Taxi fare is well-priced. However, higher fares can be in question for foreigners. That's why you have to determine the fare beforehand. Most of the drivers speak English.

Minibus and Bus

Minibuses and buses are waiting for the passengers in front of the arrival terminal. Minibus routes 49, 50, 98, 113 and 115 are all passing through the city center. If you want to get to know the city's public transportation system closely and feel yourself like one of the citizen of the city, you can choose a different way of transportation. You can get to the Nahimova Square from the airport by getting on the bus route 52. From this square, you can get to the Pivnichna located on the opposite shore by using ferries. You can get to the Sevastopol city center by taking bus routes 36 or 42 from Pivnichna. This route gives you the opportunity to see many points of the city. However, you should remember that the travel lasts about 1 hour.

Car Rental

At Sevastopol Belbek International Airport, you can rent a car appropriate for your budget and have a comfortable transportation vehicle. You can rent your car online before your flight. To get to the city center from the airport you should use the highway H06. The travel lasts about 40 minutes.

Last Updated: June 07, 2017
Getting to Belbek Airport from the City Center

As you can get to the Sevastopol Belbek International Airport by ground transportation, you can also prefer water transportation. You can take a taxi or rent a car if you choose ground transportation. Although the distance gets longer, the duration of the travel gets shorter. If you want to take a ferry, you will have to use 3 different public transports. Although the distance is shorter, your travel can last longer by ferry.


You can get to the Sevastopol Belbek International Airport by getting on the line 9 from the trolleybus stop next to the train station in the city center.


The use of taxis is quite common in Sevastopol. In the city center you can easily find a taxi that will take you to Sevastopol Belbek International Airport. You can also ask your hotel to call a taxi for you.

Taxi fares are at normal levels throughout the country. However, taximeters are not used in most of the taxis. For this reason, you need to negotiate the fee beforehand and bargain if necessary. You can get to the airport in approximately 40 minutes by taking a taxi in the city center.

Minibus and Bus

You can get to the airport by using minibus routes 49, 50, 98, 113 and 115 which depart from the city center. However, you may need to transfer. If you want to go by bus, first you need to get to the port located in Pivnichna by getting on the bus routes 36 or 42.

From here by ferry you can reach Nahimova located on the opposite shore. Bus routes 52 and 71 departing from Nahimova Square take their passengers to the airport. This route lasts approximately 2 hours, but it gives you the opportunity to see the different parts of the city.

Car Rental

You can see the sign of many local and international car rental companies in Sevastopol city center. If you are planning to go to the airport by car, you can agree with one of these companies and you can even rent your car with a driver. You can ask for help from the hotel you are staying at about this issue. You should use the highway H06 for going to Belbek International Airport. The distance is about 32 km. And the ride lasts about 40 minutes.

Airport Information

Sevastopol Belbek International Airport is mentioned as Belbek Airport among the people living in the city. The airport, which first constructed in 1941 and served military flights, has been providing civil air transportation service since 2002, when it also received a license for international flights.

Due to the current political problems in the country, the airport has recently stopped offering civil transportation service, but it is estimated that the airport will continue international flights in the near future.

In Sevastopol Belbek International Airport, there are many restaurants, cafes and bars for passengers. While waiting for your plane, you can spend time and make shopping at the stores and duty free shops found in the airport.

Last Updated: June 06, 2017
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