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About Siegen

Siegen, located in the southern part of North Rhine-Westphalia in the west of Germany, is known as a university city. The city, which is also known for its large green areas, has a very pleasant image with the half-timbered houses reflecting typical German architecture.

The university is one of the most important centers of attraction of the city whose population approaching 120 thousand people. The students play an important role in the development of the economy in the city, which hosts about 15 thousand university students every year. The nearest cities to Siegen, which is surrounded by high hills and lands, are Frankfurt which is 125 kilometers away and Hagen which is 83 kilometers away. Cologne which is one of the most important centers of trade, arts and culture is about 93 kilometers from Siegen.

The Apollo Theater is also one of the Siegen's most important cultural and artistic centers. The theater where numerous shows and performances are held every year brings together the visitors from both Siegen and the surrounding cities. It is also possible to have a great time watching the concerts at various times of the year in Siegen. Another place worth seeing in the city is the Siegen Museum of Modern Arts. Containing impressive works of modern art, the museum is especially interesting for the travellers who are art enthusiasts. If you are a fan of Beatles, the world famous music band, you should definitely see the Beatles museum, named after the legendary music band and contains various posters and songs reflecting the band's history.

Although almost all of Siegen was destroyed during the World War II, there are still the historical buildings and attractions attracting attention even today. You can visit the churches you can see in the city center, or as a different alternative, you can walk about seeing the wonderful landscapes around Siegen.

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