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Located above northern Austria, where the rivers of Enns and Steyr meet, the city has a thousand-year history. The city is also Austria's 12th largest city. The settlement, which dates back to the Celtics and is the center of the Austrian iron industry in the Middle Ages, continues to produce iron and machine parts today.

Unlike other industrialized cities, Steyr still preserves its traditional structure and historic charm, and it is one of cities in Austria that is well-known for the wealth of its historical buildings. The most interesting part of this fairy-tale city, where you will see an elegant mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectures, is the Old Town. Old Town, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, hosts the regional church from the 15th century, Rococo Municipal Building from the 18th century, the spectacular landscaped courtyards and medieval houses and you can walk around the whole square. The symbol of Steyr, Lamberg Castle, was built by the founder of the city and its construction dates back to 980. While you will feel like on a journey back in time thanks to historic walls, antique fountains and 119 bridges in the city offering a romantic atmosphere, you will also feel impressed by the beauty of modern life with its natural beauties. Important museums and monuments represent the building blocks of the long history of the city.

The best seasons to visit Steyr, which has a strong winter season, are spring and summer. The city is most vibrant during Christmas. Celebrations are being held in a festive mood in the city where a temporary post office responds to letters from children every year until the end of November.

The nearest airport you can land to get to Steyr is in Linz. You can reach the city by taking a bus, train or taxi or by renting a car from the airport which is located 43 kilometers away.

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