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About Tabriz

Tabriz, located in the northwestern part of Iran is one of the most important cities and trade centers. Home to the biggest and most important covered bazaar of the east, it hosts millions of tourists.  In With many Azerbaijan Turks living in Tabriz, you can often see foods belonging to the Turkish cuisine. Tabriz is also known for its caravanserais. Tabriz, with its old history, aster the 1900s became famous for its architectural structures. Its museums are of places that are visited the most. A city of firsts, the location of Tabriz makes it seem as the gateway to the west.  

Breaking grounds in many fields, this city’s first modern school Hassan Roshdieh was established in 1888. Rich in terms of industries, Tabriz’s air is very polluted. On the list of most polluted air, Tabriz comes in second place. Tabriz’s climate is quite humid and rainy. With a good amount of rainfall every year in all seasons, the city of Tabriz draws interest with its historical sites.

Transportation to Tabriz City Center from Airport


Tabriz International Airport

Tabriz Airport, the most important airport in the city, is located 8 kilometers away from the city center in Tabriz, the largest city in the northwest of Iran. Tabriz Airport, which is also used as an air base for the Iranian Air Forces, serves both for domestic and international flights.

You can get to the city center by bus and taxi as well as your own car from Tabriz Airport, which is only 8 kilometers away from the city center. You can take advantage of these transportation options to get to the city center, which is about 20 minutes away, immediately after your plane lands at the airport.


The fastest option to get to the city center from Tabriz Airport is to take a taxi. You can reach the city center in a short time thanks to the taxis that allows you to travel faster depending on the traffic condition. The taxis that serve every hour and every day of the week at the airport will be waiting for you in front of the terminal building.


Buses are another alternative you can prefer to reach the city center from Tabriz Airport. You can arrive at the center of the city after a comfortable journey that takes about 20 minutes by bus, which is a more economical option. Once you get off the plane, you can easily find a bus without waiting and reach where you want to go in the city.

Rent a car

Renting a car is one of the most comfortable options you can prefer to reach the city center from Tabriz Airport. After renting the car you want thanks to the car rental companies at the airport, you can make an enjoyable journey to the city center.

Weather in Tabriz

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 21ºC - Max 30ºC
FridayMin 19ºC - Max 29ºC
SaturdayMin 18ºC - Max 30ºC
SundayMin 20ºC - Max 33ºC
MondayMin 21ºC - Max 33ºC

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