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About Xiamen

Located in the south of China, on the Strait of Taiwan, Xiamen is a city which enjoys a long coastline and is one of China's most important port cities. A major industrial and trade center of Fujian Province, the city grew rapidly after it was named as one of the "Special Economic Zones" by the central government and deemed exempt from the state-planned central economy. Opening itself up to the world market and foreign investors, the city became an investment haven and is home to major businesses in the fishing, construction, foodstuffs, chemicals, textiles, telecommunications and finance industries.

It is therefore perhaps a surprise to learn that Xiamen was also rated China's 2nd most liveable city, perhaps because of its beautiful natural surroundings and its orderly city planning. Out of all the major cities in China, Xiamen has some of the cleanest air, far cleaner than Beijing or Shanghai by comparision. In China, Xiamen is known as "The City of Fun and Romance", and you can enjoy hiking on the island and mountain climbing  while visiting. It is famous for its beautiful rural views, its many parks, and its recreational areas.

Gulangyu Island, Nanputou Temple, the botanical garden, Zhongshan Avenue, Huli Tower, Water Garden Expo Park, and the areas of Kinmen and Hulishan are some of the sights to see while in Xiamen. However, during the monsoon season it often rains for long and heavy periods, so it might be a better idea to visit outside of those times. The Xiamen International Airport is located 11.8 km from the city center. 


Transportation to Xiamen City Center from Airport

Xiamen Gaoqi Airport, which is the 11th busiest airport in China with regards to passenger traffic, is located in the north of Xiamen Island, about 10 kliometers from the city center. Xiamen Airport is classified as "navigable airport" and it offers alternatives to almost every type of passenger in terms of transportation to the city center.

Xiamen Airport Express

Airport-based Xiamen Airport Express, which provides transportation between the city center and the airport, serves seven days a week, until the last flight of the day. The vehicles depart from 80 meters west of the domestic flights arrival gate of T3 terminal and from 5th gate of the T4 terminal.

Public Transportation

If you want to make an economical and environment-friendly journey from the airport to the city, you can use the city bus that is preferred by many passengers. While buses 27, 37, 41, 81 and 84 which goes to different points of the city depart from the T3 terminal, buses 91 and L19 depart from T4 terminal. Buses operate between 06:30 am and 22:00 pm and the rate per person is 1 Yuan (CNY1). Bus number L19 is the express airport line and its fare is 0,5 Yuan (CNY0,5).


If you plan to take a taxi from Xiamen Airport to the city center, you need to head to the 7th gate of the T3 terminal or the 3rd gate of the T4 terminal where taxis wait for their customers. Taking a taxi from the airport to the city center would cost around 30-40 Yuan.  You will have to use the local taxis if you would like to go to longer distances such as Quanzhou, Shishi and Zhangzhou. Local taxis stand in the Western Car Park, which is about 100 meters from the arrival hall of the T4 terminal.

Car Rental

If you would to continue your journey to the city center after your flight with a private car, you can rent the car you prefer from the car rental companies in Xiamen Airport. At the airport there are three different car rental companies: Avis, Shenzou and Henghao. These companies are located in the T3 terminal and serve between 9 am and pm seven days of the week.

Last Updated: 08 Dec 2016

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How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Xiamen?

Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data of all airlines that have flights from your preferred departure point to your Xiamen destination. You can see all Xiamen flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

To which airport are the flights to Xiamen arranged?

Xiamen flights are organized to Xiamen Gaoqi Intl. Airport.

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