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Transportation to Vienna Airport from the City Center

There are numerous transportation alternative ways to travel to Vienna International Airport, which is the most important airport in Austria, from the city center. From the city center you can use buses, trains, rental cars, and taxis to travel to the airport. You can easily travel between the city center and the airport. By assessing the best method of transportation to suit your needs you can get to your destination comfortably and quickly.

In addition to transportation to and from, the airport also offers a wide variety of venues when it comes to eating and drinking, and shopping. You can find everything you need at Vienna International Airport. 


Taxis are a convenient transportation alternative to get from the city center to Vienna International Airport, which is located 18 km away. You can easily find a taxi in every part of the city. Taxi companies you can choose from include Airport Driver, ATS Airport Transfer Service, Flughafentaxi and 40100.


Trains provide very reasonable transportation, making it the most economic option. Trains offer comfortable and quick transportation to the airport. There are 2 train lines, Wien Mitte and Linz. Wien Mitte takes 25 minutes and Linz takes close to 2 hours. You can also use the City Airport Train (CAT) high-speed trains to get to the airport. These trains provide urban transportation and go directly to the airport in 16 minutes. These trains run every day from 5:30 in the morning to 11:30 in the evening.


You can easily get to the airport by bus, which is an affordable transportation alternative. Buses allow you to travel both within the city and between countries and there are many different bus lines. Buses operate 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Buses also offer the opportunity to travel internationally. You can go to Slovakia, Hungary, and some places in the Czech Republic by bus. For more detailed information on bus lines and routes please visit the airport’s website.


Car-sharing is an economic and fast transportation alternative. You must pay the required fee before entering the vehicle designated to you and then you can be on your way. You can also drop the car off wherever you want. Car2go and Drivenow provide this service.

Rental Car

Renting a car is another way to get to Vienna International Airport from the city center. There are various rental car companies located in the city. You can drop off the vehicle at the airport vehicle return areas. Rental car companies that you can choose from include Avis, Budget, Buchbinder, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, Megadrvie, Sixt and Thrifty.

Airport Information

Vienna International Airport is the largest airport located in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna International Airport is an important airport in the international arena, operating in the civilian airport category. Every year the airport handles a significant amount of passengers and has a major role in transportation to the city. Vienna International Airport features a rich variety of amenities and services for you to enjoy. Vienna International Airport contains a health center, internet, visitors area, prayer rooms, lost and found, rental car offices, parking lots, VIP meeting rooms, lounges, rest areas, hotels, and much more.

There are many stores where you can go shopping at the airport such as Airfield, Art of Soule, Barbara Rihl, Billa, Bipa, Burlington, Calvin Klein, Canali, Christ, Codello, Desigual, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Falke, Freywille, Geox, Gratie, Happy Socks, Havaianas, Heinemann, Hugo Boss, Jockey International, Lagerfeld and Liska.

There are a variety of venues where you can get a bite to eat or enjoy something to drink, including Air Cafe, Airbrew, Anker, Big Daddy, Burger King, Cafe Co Bar, Cafe Admiral, Cafe Rizatta, Daily Roast, DeCanto, Demel, Eurest, Heineken Bar, and Juice Factory. In addition to all this the airport also features a hotel offering accommodation services to guests. The NH Vienna Airport Hotel is equipped with 21 guest rooms, meeting rooms, and a conference center. 

Last Updated: 02 Jan 2017

Transportation to Bitburg City Center from Airport

The airport located 3 km from the city of Bitburg does not operate scheduled flight services. Visitors traveling to Bitburg usually fly into Frankfurt Airport, which is located close to 3 hours away from the city. There are a variety of transportation alternatives to get to Bitburg from Frankfurt Airport including train, airport shuttle services, taxi, or rental car.


One of the most convenient and affordable transportation alternatives to get to Bitburg from Frankfurt Airport is by train. Taking the train to Bitburg city center from Frankfurt Airport takes about 3 hours. The train from the airport to the city is very convenient but it can be troublesome if you have excess or heavy luggage. If you have excess or heavy luggage you can take a taxi, airport shuttle service, or rent a car. However, these alternatives are more expensive.


Taxis are readily available at the terminal exit of Frankfurt Airport, which is one of the largest airports in the world. Taxis are generally reasonably priced and economical to get to Frankfurt city center. However taking a taxi to Bitburg can be quite costly due to the distance between the cities. A taxi from Frankfurt Airport to Bitburg city center takes about 2.5 hours.

However, if you are traveling in a group you can make taking a taxi a more economical option by splitting the fare. You can also try negotiating with the taxi driver to agree on a fixed fee to the city.

Rental Car

Renting a car is another method of transportation you can use to get to Bitburg. There are various rental car companies that have offices at Frankfurt Airport. Rental car companies that you can choose from include Hertz, AVIS, Alamo, and Europcar. Once you land you can rent your vehicle from one of these offices in minutes and be on your way to Bitburg. To guarantee vehicle availability we recommend booking your rental car in advance by making a reservation online.

Don’t forget to have your driver’s license with you. If you’re a first time visitor to the city we recommend having a GPS device with you to help navigate your way.

Airport Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are among the top transportation alternatives for those traveling in large groups from Frankfurt Airport to Bitburg city center. Shuttle services depart from in front of the terminal and provide transportation to Bitburg city center. These services operate at certain times of the day. The fee for airport shuttle services usually costs a little more than train.

Business travellers in and around Bitburg also tend to prefer traveling by shuttle service. You can get more information about shuttle services and make a reservation by going online. These services offer different vehicle options with the total passenger capacity varying from 1 passenger to 19 passengers. The total fee for these services varies depending on the total number of passengers traveling. Before considering this transportation alternative first determine the number of passengers you are traveling with to get a quote.

Limousine Rental

Another transportation alternative to get to Bitburg from Frankfurt Airport is by renting a limousine. This option provides passengers with an elite experience. Limousines come with a private chauffeur and are among the most expensive transportation alternatives. If you are willing to pay more to enjoy this privileged service then you can contact one of the limousine rental services that are available at the airport or make a reservation in advance online.

Shared Ride

If you are looking for a more economical yet comfortable transportation alternative to get to Bitburg city center then consider shared ride services. Sharing a ride with other passengers allows you to split the fare, so you can enjoy the comfort of door-to-door transportation at a fraction of the price. But to do so you must first find other passengers who are traveling to Bitburg and who are willing to share a ride

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Vienna-Bitburg flights?

When you search for Vienna-Bitburg flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Vienna-Bitburg flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

Which airports can I use for Vienna-Bitburg flights?

For Vienna-Bitburg flights, you can use Danubepier Hov Airport, Vienna Intl. Airport, Wien Railway Station, Wien Railway Station as departure airport, and Bitburg Airport for arrival.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Vienna-Bitburg and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Vienna-Bitburg is 742 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

Which day is the most convenient for Vienna-Bitburg flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Vienna-Bitburg flights is Monday.

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