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About Cleveland

Cleveland is historically one of the most important industrial cities in the United States, established on the edge of Lake Eiro. Many raw materials such as iron, ore, and coal are transported through the Great Lakes network. Cleveland is home to businesses that produce mechnical parts for NASA, as well as the Metropark Zoo, the Great Lakes Science Center, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Crawford Auto Museum (Classic Car Museum) and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 
Many Irish, Czech, Polish, Slovak, and Hungarian immigrants moved to Cleveland in the 19th century, and you can see the traces of these cultures today with neighboorhoods named after them. If you are keen on nature, the hills surrounding the city also provide lots of opportunities for hiking or hunting.
For eating and drinking you can find restauraunts with all different types of world cuisine. Local inhabitants of the city usually prefer Tower City Center for shopping. In Cleveland winters are typically cold and snowy, and summers are hot and humid. It would be ideal to prefer to visit the city in spring months.
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport provides service to this city of 400,000.


Transportation to Cleveland City Center from Airport

Hopkins Int Airport

Even though the metro is the most preferred option of transportation from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to the city center is metro because of the ease of use and low cost of transportation, there are also taxi, hotel shuttle services, car and limousine rental services are available for those who want to travel more comfortably.


There is a white taxi fleet of 75 cars belonging to the airport in the city. All taxis are being used by specially trained drivers and there is a GPS and camera system in all. In the luggage delivery area you can take the taxi using the 'Taxi' exit at the end of the band number 11. The taxi fares start at 13.5 dollar for the first 5 miles and increase by 10 dollar for every 5 miles. Apart from this, a fuel fee of 1 dollar is added to the fee. Getting to the city center by taxi costs an average of 35 dollars and it only takes 15 minutes.

Car Rental

Passengers who want to travel freely with their rented car can go to the Cleveland Rental Car Center in just a few minutes using the Rental Car Shuttle services, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the luggage delivery area and can rent a car suitable for their budget from 8 different companies. Renting a vehicle in Cleveland is generally considered costly because of the high tax rate. You can reach the city center in just 15 minutes by driving on the I-71 S with your rental car.


You can reach the city center very easily with the Red Line metro line which connects directly to the airport. To get to the metro station, you only need to get to the -1 floor with the elevators at the airport. Ticket price is 2.25 dollar for one way. The metro departs every 15 minutes and the journey lasts less than half an hour.

Hotel Service

More than thirty hotels in Cleveland offer airport shuttle service to their customers. You can make reservations in advance at your hotel to see if this service is available, and you can start enjoying your travel from the baggage claim area.


The 15 limousine rental companies that are contracted with the airport serve to guests who love luxury and comfort.

Last Updated: November 29, 2016