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About Richmond (Richmond Intl.)

It is a small city in Australia's Queensland Province. It is the capital of the region called 'Richmond Shire'. It is located on the banks of the Flinders River, the longest river of the Queensland Province, in the north-east of the country. Richmond, which became popular recently with paleontological excavations and findings, is the focus of local and foreign tourists thanks to the Kronosaurus Corner Fossil Museum, the Fossil Festival and the 'Dinosaur Traces Territory of Australia region.

The first name of the city, the 'Wyangarie Shire', was changed by the city council on July 31, 1954 and has taken its present name. The Kronosaurus Corner Fossil Museum was established on May 1, 1999 for the purpose of keeping, searching, preserving and displaying local and regional fossils. The museum also aims to inform the local people and visitors about the paleontological issues. Fossil exploration and excavation tours are organized by Kronosaurus Korner in the 'Dinosaur Traces Territory of Australia', located in the geographical triangle of Richmond, Hughenden and Winton.

Winning the title of 'Australia's most regular little town', Richmond has developed in sheep and cattle breeding; but the local tourism sector has been on fire in recent years with the contribution of paleontological exhibitions and events. Fred Tritton Lake, Bush Tucker Garden and Canbridge Harbesi are some of the city's major sightseeing spots. Richmond is under the effect of dry tropical climate. Richmond Airport is 3 kilometers northwest of the city center.

Transportation to Richmond (Richmond Intl.) City Center from Airport

It is possible to reach the city center through a few different routes only in a few minutes from Richmond International Airport, which is located in the state of Virginia in the United States of America. You can rent a car from 9 different car rental companies having offices at the airport terminal almost any time of the day to get to the city center or you can take advantage of the taxis at Richmond International Airport as well as the transfer services providing comfortable transportation between the airport and the city center.

Rent a car

9 different car rental companies such as Dollar, Avis, Enterprise, Payless, Budget, National, Thrifty and Alamo provide car rental service at Richmond International Airport. You can visit the offices after landing and make your choice, or you can contact the companies on the internet before your flight to Richmond International Airport and book your car in advance. You can contact Budget at 804-222-2491, Enterprise at 804-222-0865, Hertz at 804-222-7228, National at 804-222-7477, Avis at 804-222-7416, and Alamo at 804-222-7477 to rent a car and you can ask your car to be prepared for you according to your landing at Richmond International Airport. For the rental services at the airport, each company usually requests similar documents. In order to complete the rental process at Richmond International Airport easily without losing time, you can get information about the documents you will need to have with you by contacting the car rental companies in advance and so you can make the required documents ready.

Private Transfer Services

You can get to the city center from Richmond International Airport by private transfer services or luxury sedan-type cars. You can contact these companies about transfer options before or after your flight over the phone at 804-249-1052. Once you find out the prices of these services after giving information about the route and number of passengers, you can make a reservation for a private transfer service or a luxury car. James River Transportation company offers a range of affordable shared transfer services for the passengers. You can get adequate information about all the options by phone and ask them to arrange a transfer service vehicle that meets your needs and your budget for you at the terminal exit of Richmond International Airport at the time of landing.


You won't have any difficulty finding a taxi in front of the terminal exits in Richmond as in many major cities in the United States. You can get to the city center, which is a few minutes away, as well as you can go anywhere in the city by taking a taxi. You can call Airport Taxi at 804-233-4444 to get information if you have any questions. You can also contact Galaxy Cab Co. at 804-560-4408 and Mimi Taxicab at 804-247-3186, the companies providing taxi services at Richmond International Airport.


For transportation from Richmond International Airport, you can also take advantage of the bus option, a much more affordable transfer alternative that is as practical as taxi and car rental options. The airport buses operate only at certain times and you need to have landed at the airport to be able to get on these buses at these hours. You can call 804-358-4782 and get information from Richmond International Airport about departures and ticket prices of the buses providing transportation service to the city center for the passengers. Although bus option is more affordable than both taxi and car rental, it may not be suitable for those who want to save time and reach the city center comfortably after leaving the terminal building with their luggage. However, if you prefer a much more affordable and also budget-friendly transfer option rather than comfort, you can prefer the bus ride for transportation from Richmond International Airport to the city center without thinking much.

Car Parking Service

Those having parked their car at affordable parking spaces at Richmond International Airport can benefit from the free shuttle services between the airport terminal building and the parking area. The free car-park shuttles depart from the terminal every 15 minutes and serve 7 days 24 hours.


Similar to many other airports in the United States, you can take advantage of limousine rental services at Richmond International Airport to get to the city center with this comfortable option. Among the limousine-rental companies are A&A Limousine (434-975-5466), Albermarle Limousine (434-531-5802), Black Car Richmond (804-629-0629), Classic Limousine Service (804-301-5690), Ambassador Limousine (434-973-5466) and Spirit Limousine Service (804-368-3186). You can contact these companies and book the limousine type you like and then you can rent one to reach Richmond city center. With comfortable, spacious seats and a chauffeur, the limousines are also quite suitable for those who want to enjoy a comfortable journey with a few passengers to the city center.

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2017

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Richmond (Richmond Intl.) flights are organized to Richmond Intl. Airport.

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